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having trouble moving up in IT

By jpmyers15 ·
I need some feedback in regards to the next step in my career. I have over 3 years of work experience in IT; 2 years in help desk and 1 year in level 2 application support. I have an associates degree in computer systems and have earned the A+ certification. A Network Administrator position opened up in our department and I was basically told I'm not qualified for the position. Naturally I was very upset because I've been waiting for an opportunity like this and my own employer won't give me a chance. I'm ready to move on to a position with more responsibility and a higher salary but I never seem to get calls back from other employers. I want pursue a certification that will help me stand out and I have my eye on the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator. I don't have much experience with Cisco networking equipment so I'm not sure how I'd do on Cisco certifications. Also, it seems ilke a lot of employers recognize Microsoft certs over CompTIA. Any feedback?

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Did you happen to ask why you weren't qualified?

by Slayer_ In reply to having trouble moving up ...

To me, such a blatant slap to the face, deserves and equally blunt question as to why. You could probably also suggest that if they sent you for training, you could become qualified for the job. If they refuse to answer either, they obviously don't feel they "Require" you, and you might as well seek employment elsewhere and when you can finally move up in the world. Just give your boss notice and leave. There is a blog about how to leave your job gracefully currently active.

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to SinisterSlay

by jpmyers15 In reply to Did you happen to ask why ...

I haven't asked why but they basically told me that there are no internal employees who are qualified and they aren't interested in doing on-the-job training. So basically they want someone who's already experienced enough who can step right in and go to town. For me it's a huge disappointment because that job is the next step up for me as far as where I work and if they won't give me a chance then I'll be stuck where I'm at unless I leave. With the position I am in, I won't obtain the appropriate experience for the other job so that's why I want to get some certifications and shop around.

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Is this a big or small company that you work for

by Slayer_ In reply to to SinisterSlay

If its a small company, I have no ideas, if it's a big company, you have a lot of options.

First, I will assume some HR person told you you are not qualified. Keep in mind their evaluations are generally considered only slightly higher than BS (Cause they probably didn't lie about a candidate).

Instead, seek out your manager, and explain what you want to do, just like you did here. Use things like you want more of a challenge, you want to learn more, you think you could do the company a lot of good in that position. Also, learn your managers disposition to moving/losing you. Example: if s/he says "no way, you are not qualified, get back to work you dog" then I would stop right there and look for other employment.
Otherwise, s/he may agree that it would be good for you, and maybe put in a good word for you, OR s/he say your are not qualified, and perhaps you can then wiggle some information out of them on what you need to do to be qualified.

Now, if your manager is the one that said you were not qualified in the first place, then seek out HR instead and try that route.

If both seem to have the same opinion, you can either find someone above your manager that will hear your case. Or try a sneakier method that involves you directly interfering with the job you want. You have to show them that you CAN do the job.

Since it is as network administrator, try and get yourself friendly with co-workers in that department. Attend meetings, listen in and give suggestions, even if they are rejected, your suggestion let's them know that either A, you want to help them, or B, you know nothing but you want to help them. Learn enough and they may stand up for you when you request the job change again.

Of course, if you would be the first Network administrator, that could be a challenge. My best guess would be to try and do the sort of things network admins do, reset passwords, run cabling... w/e else they do... I am not sure honestly, as a developer, our team pretty much handles our own network, we only get the IT people involved if a server explodes or something or we want them to buy us something.

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That's a bollocks answer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to having trouble moving up ...

Don't ask us what you need to move on there, ask them!
I suspect you are going to get more bollocks, but you might not and getting some help from them is not to be sniffed at.

If you feel it's the fact that you do want to move on that is the real problem, pay some attention to what the network boys on here say, but your best research point is what the market is asking for, where you might want to work. Don't take any of that this cert will get you a job garbage. That's just keeping the boys selling them in work.

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to Tony Hopkinson

by jpmyers15 In reply to That's a bollocks answer

The reason I am interested in pursuing an advanced certification is because most of the advertisements I've seen for good jobs around here prefer those certifications and many of them even prefer a Bachelors degree. I already fell for the "obtain this education/training and you'll be making boat loads of money" scheme, unfortunately. I went to a 2 year tech school and can't even find a job that pays well enough for me to pay off my student loans!

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As long as you learn from your mistakes you are

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to to Tony Hopkinson

winning the game.

My point was there is no best, advice from me for instance would be UK based.

You'll learn something from doing the cert, but the main purpose is to get past the HR numpties, so our techy opinion is almost irrelevant. Have a look at the job ads in locations you want to work at the salary you are aiming at and go from there.

You could get every cert in the book be the most accomplished network fella on the planet and still not get a job. You'll look over qualified....

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More information needed

by cmiller5400 In reply to having trouble moving up ...

What was the responsibilities of the Network Admin? Maybe it was too advanced. They may have wanted someone that was ready to dive into a major project. I'd ask them why like the other posters have said.

There are classes at Global Knowledge and other training sites that deal with Cisco certifications. I wouldn't recommend a boot camp unless you already are familiar with the equipment. the ICND Boot camp takes 2 weeks of courses and crams it into 1. Very intensive.

Cisco Interconnecting Network Devices 1 (ICND 1) and ICND 2 are a good starting point if you know the fundamentals of TCP/IP. It deals with switches and the basics of routers and routing.

Training never hurts.

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To cmiller5400

by jpmyers15 In reply to More information needed

The job was definitely more advanced than the other positions I have held with my current employer. It's not too advanced though to the point where I would be naive to think they would hire me for it. It's a step up in the right direction from where i'm at now but I don't already have the experience they're looking for simply because I've never held a job like that so I have to start somewhere. Thanks for the information

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go buy some Just for Men get rid of the grey

by Screen Gems In reply to having trouble moving up ...

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