having trouble starting up my computer

By deberryvictoria ·
I have an Eee PC (notebook) and I log onto my computer, well I attempt to but everytime I sign in, instead of it saying it's logging on it says it says it's logging off. Then the start up screen starts up again and I have to log in again. It wont stop doing this, can someone help me please?

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What kind of "Eee PC" do you have....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to having trouble starting u ...

More details would be helpful so that we can help you on your issue.

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Asus Eee's are Net Books not Note Books

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to having trouble starting u ...

They use Atom Processors and are radically different to a Note Book.

Try starting in Safe Mode and log into the Administrator Account to see if that works. If you can log into the Admin Account as apposed to your User Account you should be able to create a new user Account and see if that works.

It's most likely that the User Account has become corrupt here.

Of course this is assuming that this is a Windows OS and not some form of Linux which was a option on some Eeee's. If you have Ubuntu of some kind installed that's a radically different kettle of fish.


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More Info.

by exxpl0it In reply to having trouble starting u ...

Just as stated above, some more information would be helpful. Are you running Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux/Ubuntu?

If you are running windows, there was a virus that would mess with the unserinit system file and would cause the computer to logon loop. Every time you would logon, it boots the desktop and then immediately logs out. If this is the case, you can attempt to repair it by using a LiveCD of some sort, repairing windows, or best case scenario is wiping and re-installing windows, and then of course setting yourself up with some mal-ware protection. **Be warned if you wipe the computer and start over, you will be losing your documents unless you can get into safe-mode first and back them up **

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Possible malware infection

by atsmar In reply to having trouble starting u ...

Try booting up in Safe Mode with Networking and run a scan with your resident antivirus, or try installing MalwareBytes. It finds and removes just about anything that's wreaking havoc in a computer.

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