Having trouble with a font

By Tom ·
hi, I am trying to install a font on our graphic artist's machine, the font works fine on my machine (both XP Pro), but when it is installed on the significantly better graphics workstation, it appears to be corrupted, and all I get is blank squares, much to the annoyance of the designer and myself.

The font is a TrueType font, and is very specifically required by the client.

Am i up the proverbial creek, or is there something i am missing? Or even a workaround?

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How exactly are you 'installing' the font?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Having trouble with a fon ...
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by Tom In reply to How exactly are you 'inst ...

I already searched the forum looking for answers and that one popped up, so that was the first way i tried.

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How many fonts

by Jacky Howe In reply to Having trouble with a fon ...

are installed on the System. You might want to remove a few and see if that helps.

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Most Graphic Artists overload Windows with Fonts

by OH Smeg In reply to Having trouble with a fon ...

And the System fails to recognize them correctly after a certain number have been installed. When this happens you get squares instead of letters so I would try removing a few installed Fonts first and see if that improves things.


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is "a buttload" the correct number?

by Tom In reply to Most Graphic Artists over ...

around 2000 fonts, which is ridiculous. When does the system max out? Designer is a mad Rusky, and I'm at risk of getting kalashnikov'ed if she doesn't get her way. Also, is there any way of making the machine able to hold more fonts?

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There is no maximum

by Jacky Howe In reply to is "a buttload" the corre ...

that you can have. Win98 and ME had a maximum of 1000. As a rule I would keep them down to around 1000. It isn't only graphic artists that use a lot of fonts either.

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There is one trick you can use........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to is "a buttload" the corre ...

Copy about half of those fonts to another folder somewhere that isn't in the Windows folder, then uninstall the ones you have copied over. That 'should' remove them from the Windows Font folder. You could leave the ones that are used all of the time and just move the seldom used fonts out of the way.

When your client wants to use a specific font from that special folder, all they have to do is double click it to open it with the Windows Font Viewer. While that is open, you can use the font in any program. When the viewer is closed, it's no longer available to be used.

This trick helps speed up Windows as well as allowing the user to have an almost unlimited number of fonts available for use. They can even put them into sub-folders based on the style, type, etc....

Heck, I even leave most of mine in the zip file that I've downloaded and only 'view' them when I need them.

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by Tom In reply to There is one trick you ca ...

Hey dudes, thanks heaps for the assist, has also meant she rescinded her threat that our kind would be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Live long and prosper! (sorry, saw Star Trek at IMAX over the weekend, and can't get it out of my head)

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Same back at you....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks

I saw it the weekend it came out and I'm considering going to see it again tonight! :^0

Oh yeah! Glad we could help!

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