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HD C Fat32 and new D F NTFS .

By info ·
Recently added a new hd (f) it is in NTFS and is the slave drive. The original C drive is Fat32.
My question is Can I do this or does both drives have to be the same. I cannot connect to the internet. Error mess. reads cannot find home page.
I went into the dos and did the ipconfig and came up with an error mess. #65. If anyone knows what is going on Please help. Thank you

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by sgt_shultz In reply to HD C Fat32 and new D F N ...

yes, you can have boot drive fat32 and second drive ntfs. or, other way around. many prefer to have boot drive fat32 as easier to get tools to fix if boot problems...
tell us more about internet. did you try some other address like did this ever work. have you confirmed modem is good. how are you connecting. dial up? broadband? aol? msn? don't know error message 65 but maybe you could try uninstalling and reinstalling tcpip. try ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew. note any errors. and check your gateway settings. best to try automatic first...

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by kg5vw In reply to HD C Fat32 and new D F N ...

You have two different parts to this question. First part about the FAT32 and NTFS, you can use both, boot from the FAT32 and still use NTFS if you boot to an OS that will support NTFS, ex. WinNT, 2000, XP.

As for the second question, I assume you are using broadband and not a dialup modem. Make sure the router (or cable modem if a single computer system only) has a signal to the network, usually signified by a "cable" light, an a "data" light. Also, if those are present, you should have another light labeled "PC" to verify your connection to your network card or USB port. Is this the correct setup and do you have all of the above?

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by fred07 In reply to HD C Fat32 and new D F N ...



Open up your it explorer and go to tools on top and open it options

First page should be general and click the "use default"

After msn comes up go to the web page you wish for home page

Back to tools . Options . Click "use current"

That will be your "Home Page" until you change it to another.

I suggest you do a full virus scan and an adaware scan.


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by info In reply to

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by cp7212 In reply to HD C Fat32 and new D F N ...

You can have FAT32 and NTFS on different partitions of the same hd, so different physical drives should not be a problem. Is this cable or DSL? You may want to run Windows and go to Start > Run > winipcfg . Release All > Renew All . Repeat once. OK if IP address shows for your ISP. Is this a dial-up modem? Run the Internet Connection Wizard. If these fail, you may want to call your ISP, because they may be having a problem also. Also, if you call the ISP, ask them if they can ping your card. This can narrow down the problem between hardware and software. Good luck.

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