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HD disappeared

By tour93 ·
I added a month ago a WD 250GB to my computer, partitioned it with w2k (D:10gb, E:240gb).
I have been storing stuff in E. The boot hd is C(60gb).
Sunday morning the E drive disappear from explorer. If I go to MyComputer Manage I can see the C drive and the D drive 10 gb and an empty 240 gb next to it without any label.
I can see the WD hd as I boot up, I downloaded and ran an utility from Western Digital to check the drive and it didn't find any error to it.
Doctor, is it bad ?
What did happen to my drive ?
AMD XP2000
MSI MS 6341
use latest BIOS

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by jbaker In reply to HD disappeared

It may be bad. Have you tried to browse to the other partition to see if the data is still there? Check that first. If the data is not there, look in the Storage Manager, see if the OS sees a problem with the partition. Sometimes Win 2K can "fix" a partition that it believes is broken.

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by tour93 In reply to

Yes I can browse D drive

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Move to Technical Q&A

by willcomp In reply to HD disappeared

You will have a better chance of getting a correct response if you move your question to the TQ&A section where all the tech gurus hang out.


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by tour93 In reply to Move to Technical Q&A
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Your partition may be bad

by Dumblogic In reply to HD disappeared

Try this boot up on command prompt then type cd\ enter then type E: and see if you can get into it there if not your partition is bad use a partition to like partition magic. You can also do this type C:enter then cd\ enter then type this edit config.sys then enter then type in this command line
Lastdrive=Z then save it what this is doing is making windows reconize more physical drive than the 5 that dos reconize by default. Hope this help

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by tour93 In reply to Your partition may be bad

Thanks. I try to do cd e: from boot, but it doesn't find it. What is weird I remember I couldn't acces my E drive from the command prompt either when it was still working a week ago. Was it a sign what it was going bad ?

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I'd almost put money on...

by phinds In reply to HD disappeared

... that your HD is bad. I saw 3 WD 250GB go bad in one week.

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