HD light blinks regularly after login and computer hangs

By alirezamiri ·
Hi, I have a Toshiba R500-S5006V laptop running Vista Srvc pack 2. The HD light blinks regularly, (almost 1 sec. intervals) after login and then it just hangs. I can start it in safe mode with networking and it seems to work fine.

Any suggestions?

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Check startup items

by drivers1492 In reply to HD light blinks regularly ...

Boot up in safe mode and check your startup items. If it runs fine in safe mode try disabling whatever isn't necessary in your startup list and reboot.

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Thanks, it is working intermitently now

by alirezamiri In reply to Check startup items

I restored it back to a week ago and the problem disappeared for a a few reboots, and then it came back. I restart it in safe mode and gets fixed for a while. It seems like it's the recent updates that screwed it up. I'll go through them and see if it works fine by not doing automatic updates.

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Probably a hardware problem

It seems like your machine is trying to read a section of your hard drive over and over again, and failing. The light will blink at a regular pace over and over again and the computer will lock up. Try some disk diagnostics. Seagate and Western Digital both have free tools you can download from their respective websites.

I would also check your backup, make sure all your data is safe on another disc before you continue using the computer for anything.

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It was a wireless card driver issue

by alirezamiri In reply to Probably a hardware probl ...

It was finally a wireless card driver problem, I installed the latest version and the issue was resolved. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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