HD lite stays on

By olyco7 ·
Have an Emachine T2682 2.6 GHz Windows XP. Was working when the lite around the power switch and the lite for the HD started to flash. Immediately did shutdown procedure. When the machine "completed" the shutdown sequence the lite for the HD stayed on and it sounded like the HD was still turning. I tried to restart the machine by pressing the power button, as usual, but nothing happened. The lite on the HD is still on... I unplugged then reinserted the power cord from the back of the unit and then tried to restart the machine. It seemed to start, boot, and run normally. When I shut it down later the HD lite remained on and again I had to unplug then reinserted the power cord from the back of the unit and to restart the machine.
What happened and how do I fix it??

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Whatever happened, make a backup first

by robo_dev In reply to HD lite stays on

Obviously if the hard drive is doing strange things, it might be on it's last legs, so make a full backup or two.

The hard-drive light is connected to the motherboard, as is the hard drive, so my first guess is that some component has failed on the motherboard.

This is not helpful, but it could also be either the power supply or the drive itself.

Look at the documentation for your machine...the light flashing may be an error condition such as overheating. Make sure all the internal fans are spinning.

Some PCs have diagnostic programs installed on a separate hard drive partition, and for some PCs you need to download them and burn a CD to run diags.

If it were my PC, I would pull that hard drive out and install an old junk hard drive. So if the motherboard is sending damaging voltage to the drive and all the data gets wiped, you find out with a hard drive you don't care about.

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Well as E Machines have known issues with PS's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HD lite stays on

My first guess would be to change the Power Supply with a Known Good one and test again. if the problems persist you are too late and the Poor Quality Power Supply has allowed something to damage the M'Board.

I would recommend Antec Power Supplies as they just are Superior at protecting the insides of the computer case from stray Power Spikes and other junk on the mains.


I have seen the results of a tree falling on overhead power lines and bringing the High Voltage Transmission lines into contact with the Low Voltage Mains Supply. The Antec Power Supply spat about 3 foot of flame out the back and set the curtain behind it on fire but when the PS was replaced the computer worked perfectly. The only thing left in that house that was connected tot he Power Grid that worked again.

But regardless of what is happening here you should make an Immediate Backup of your data to prevent Data Loss.


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