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HD Power Failure

By fran ·
I have a hard drive that is not spinning up. Cannot detect any power to drive. Any ideas how to get data in this situation?

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HD Power Failure

by dmiles7 In reply to HD Power Failure

You can check Tech Republic article 200 ways to revive a hard dirve that make have info to help,use search in upper right to research for article

Install the drive in another system as a slave and bckup data to the master drive if it has efficient amount of space,hope this helps

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HD Power Failure

by Oz_Media In reply to HD Power Failure

If you have POWER but the drive is dead, I usually throw it in my freezer for a half hour or so (NO KIDDING). Once I take it out, drop it on the counter from anout 8"-10". This should get the bearings freed up enough to do a file copy or save imperative files top a new drive.

NOTE: This is not a joke, freezing and jarring has worked for me almost every time.

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HD Power Failure

by sgt_shultz In reply to HD Power Failure

well, i have to agree with previous answers...
it is probably either the drive bearings or something has failed in the electronics...
you could try changing out the electronics on the drive if you happen to have an identical one around...but, smacking the thing might actually work (maybe just smack it at first and only drop it from height when really mad??)
i used to wow folks fixing old mac's that wouldn't boot by smacking them hard with the flat of my hand on the side of the case. seems the old quantum drives bearing juice got gummy after a while... Apple even had a name for the error condition: stictation. ha. good luck...the freezer thing has never worked for me but others swear by it...

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HD Power Failure

by TheChas In reply to HD Power Failure

Here is a link to the download "200 ways to revive a hard drive"


If the drive does not spin up, and does not go through it's own self test, I would find an identical drive and swap the controller electronics on the drive.

Some drives use plug-in connectors, a few use soldered connections.

Make sure to wear a ground strap while working on or handling the controller boards.


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HD Power Failure

by colin_mendonca In reply to HD Power Failure

i would suggest that you first check the power cables connected to the hard disk.if it does not work then try replacing the power cable .
also there might be a problem with the hard disk .
you can also try some stunts as given with the previousanswers.it might work !
all the best .

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