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HD problem: Is my Boot sector fried?

By CVN70_IT2 ·
There was recently a hard drive that I was attempting to fix that I was having some big problems with. I consulted TechRepublic, and read their '200 Ways to Recover a HD', but that didn't work, and neither did the 'Troubleshoot HD problems in 7 easy steps'. The problem is that the BIOS would see that the drive is there, but not at the correct size. The size of the hard drive is supposed to be 20419 (20Gb), but is only showing up as 6831. I tried to fdisk, but was told that there were no active partitions. Tried to reload NT, but no joy, because I was being told that no HD was found in the system. I would greatly appreciate any input anyone has. I hope that it's not fried, because this guy has stuff on his computer he HAS to have (but doesn't everyone?). Thanks. IT2 A.J. Keech, US NAVY, USS CARL VINSON.

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A couple of questions...

by mrafrohead In reply to HD problem: Is my Boot se ...

First, the BIOS sees the drive there, but it appears smaller than it is. Is this hard drive the same hard drive that you had in the computer before it broke, or is it a different hard drive. Reason: BIOS may not be able to read the full size of the hard drive.

As for Fdisk. When you tried to run it, go into option 4 and verify how many partitions there are on the disk, and also what their status is.

IF YOU CHANGE THE PARTITION TABLE, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A MUCH HARDER TIME RECOVERING ANY LOST DATA!!!! Be very sure that you absolutely have to fdisk the computer before you do it.

Worse comes to worse, there is data recovery software that you can run in dos mode, use your boot disk and then run the program, and that will recover the data that is on the disk, and you can move it to another drive.

Anywho, please let me know these few things, and I'll see if I have any advice for you that may be worth your time


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Acouple more questions

by electronx In reply to A couple of questions...

Brand of HD. Another possibility... DO you have access to origional HD Disk tools on 31/2. (If not the major brands, ie Maxtor, Quantum, Western Digital can probably download you or send you a 3 1/2 with the disk facility that is the safest way tocheck this problem.) Unless, as mentioned above, you've changed the partition table. Then it becomes a job for experts with data recovery, if at all. In any case, GOOD LUCK MLH

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Bypassing the boot sector...

by blue.sun In reply to HD problem: Is my Boot se ...

If fdisk shows no active partitions ,then a)- the partition table is a goner (hope not!) b- DOS does not recognize your file system . It can happen if you're running an older version of fdisk ,it may have trouble reading fat32 or NTFS partitions.
Anyway,if the HD is IDE why don't you connect a bootable HD as master and the faulty HD as slave ,you boot up from the first drive and can explore the second . Make sure that the partition types are the same or at least compatible ,otherwise you won'tbe able to see the faulty HD from the master.

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