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    HD recovery


    by eswoodland ·

    I’ve got a huge dilemma, I reformatted one the exec’s laptops, re-installed Win95 and related apps, then gave the laptop to another user. User then had problems with Win95 and I had to reformat again. I unfortunately missed copying some files to thenetwork that were on the HD before I started this whole process. This exec needs these files in a bad, bad way. Can anyone confirm or deny my worst nightmare that there’s no way to recover these files? If you’ve got any suggestions on who to call etc. PLEASE let me know! Thanks for your help!!

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      HD recovery

      by calves ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      I hope that after formatting the HD you didn’t write anything to it!
      There is a command call unformat that my just save the day.
      I couldn’t tell you for sure if it’s a DOS command, but I know that Norton Systemworks from Symantec and you can download a copy for trial and the license is 60.00.

      However, chech the DOS diskettes first for this command, otherwise
      Unformat is the command!

      Good Luck!

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      HD recovery

      by white wolf ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      Assuming all you have done was just formatted the drive and did not copy anything else onto it yet – a program by powerquest called “LOST And FOUND” may also help. Thier website is!

      Good luck!

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      HD recovery

      by tysonmathews ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      Since it was formatted and the OS re-installed. NOPE not worth the money to even send out to a 3rd part to do. Create this person a Home Directory on the network and map them to it so when they are on the netwrok or VPNed into you they can up therefiles to the folder which is backed up on a regular basis.

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      HD recovery

      by casspc1987 ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      From what I read data forenics experts can retrieve data off a hard drive even if it has been formatted up to seven times. By shipping it to a professional recovery firm you have a real excellent chance of recovering the data, the question is it worth the cost!

      If you do not want to sent it out, you may want to check out this freeware package at the following URL:

      I have successfully used the Revival software several times to recover data, albiet never on a reformatted drive. Lost and Found from Powerquest is also decent, I believe you can download a trial version to see if you can recover the file, it does not actually recover the file untilyou purchase it. There are other file recovery software packages out there, my recommendation is try Revival and the Lost and Found trial version and see what happens.

      If that does not work, I would contact two or three data recovery firms such as Ontrack at the f

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      HD recovery

      by mphoffar ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      I’m going to go against the grain here and say…”you’re sol” on this one. Although there are utilities to recover file, I believe when you format, the file allocation table is cleared completely, so even though the data *may* reside somewhere on the HD, you can spend months trying to pry every piece of data off of it. While undelete and unformat will work on floppies, I don’t beleive they will work with HDs.

      The best advice was the guy who said to send it to a professional service, but that costs some $$$ nor is that a guarantee

      what I do is ask these guys what kind of files they need, doc, xls, whatever the app and then do a xcopy /s *.doc , that way, if they forgot to tell me about something I can spread the blame alittle back to them 🙂

      It’s an unfortunate situation you’re in and I hope it all works out for you. Good luck to you


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      HD recovery

      by tchieng ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      You still have a chance with the “Lost & Found” program even if you re-formatted the disk and re-installed everything else. As long as the file data has not been overitten (pray real hard here), you can still recover it using Lost & Found. Lost & Found does not use the FAT to find files so it doesn’t matter what condition your hard drive is in… as long as it is still spinning and the data is still there you have a good chance. I’ve used it before on a trashed hard drive and it saved my butt. Try it out.

      Best of luck to ya.

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      HD recovery

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to HD recovery

      In case you need data recovery here are a couple of places that may be of interest to you.

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