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    HD temperature

    by sadarahu ·


    My Seagate 8 Tb HD became very hot. Not sure what the temperature is exactly but it is hot enough not to be able to hold it in my hand for more than 10-15 sec. I assumed HD is dying slowly (as this is typical symptom).
    The overheating basically happens when drive is working. I’ just running a backup and the process is estimated for llittle over an hour. After 15 min the drive is super hot.

    I ordered brand new HD and after 10 or so minutes I got to the point where the new drive is as hot as the older one. Not sure what the temp ratings are for those drives but it seems suspicious.

    I have several other drives and none of them gets as how. This drive is installed in external USB dock so on the top there is open space. I also attached this drive to noather USB3/SATA adapter, connected to the same PC and both drives have the same overheating issue.

    Could somebody confirm if this is typical for those drives.
    The HD more precisely is:

    SEAGATE: Ironwoolf NAS / 8 TN, SATA

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      All mechinacal HDD get hot the longer they run the hotter they get

      by oh smeg ·

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      They require a heatsink to be attached to them so some form of metal that can increase the surface area and conduct the heat away in a computer this is normaly the case which the drive is bolted to.

      When you use USB Enclosures the area is reduced and the heat rises more so in the plastic Enclosures that are available and is why companies like Antec Made Active Cooled HDD Enclosures that suck air over the drive to cool it.

      While you are correct that the biggest killer of HDD are heat and vibration a HDD can run in a USB Enclosure quite happily provided that you do not leave it running 24/7 I have had one HDD that was left running for several days cause a 1st Degre Burn on the hand of the person who picked it up and it was working fine.

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      Temperature Monitoring

      by alexanealessia ·

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      Hello, I have known about the manufacturer of the wireless sensor for monitoring temperature which turns on and off without wifi plug. You can buy from Ubibot for the best experience

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