HDD damage

By haleanana ·
I bought a second hand computer,its amd 64 3200+,6200 Le 256 graphics,250 gb,gigabyte k8 sumthing.
anyways i have this annoying problem...My comp damages every hard disk drive i install.A blue screen appears saying "beginning dumpin memory"I have replaced 2 hdd's already and now its happening again with my new hdd.
does anyone know whats causing this?

The first time this happened i sent it to a tech,he said the hdd just needs replacement.but as ive said,it does the same thing to my new hdd's-"dumping memory"

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so you installed the OS (which one)

by ComputerCookie In reply to HDD damage

and some time after that you get a blue screen (BSOD).

More info including the error numbers on the BSOD are required.

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by haleanana In reply to so you installed the OS ( ...

yes i have installed windows xp homeedition.
i think it was 0x90000000c or sumthing i cant remember what exactly it was but it says "begining dumping memory"

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The memory dump

by seanferd In reply to yes

is for the error report. It is dumping code indicating RAM and processor state for analysis. Dumping memory is not the problem, it's part of the solution. So, if you would, replicate the error and post the error information. Then someone will look up the error and try to advise you.

Also: does your XP have any Service Packs or updates installed? The answer would be no, if you haven't connected to the 'net, unless your XP came with sp1 or sp2. (It would say so on the packaging.)

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by haleanana In reply to The memory dump

yes my os came with sp2
how do i find the report?do i have to wait for the blue screen to appear again?

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memory dump code

by haleanana In reply to HDD damage

ok this is what the blue screen says,***STOP:0x0000009c(0x00000004,0x80545FF0,

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Okay. This seems to crop up with those boards and processors

by seanferd In reply to memory dump code

>>Unfortunately, I just had a huge reply in a text file axed by my cat. This will be shorter.<<

Your error is a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION which is probably a hardware issue.
(...valid uncorrected error where the processor context was corrupt...)

It could be that a piece of hardware is bad. You may need to test this by removing unnecessary items and checking for crashes. It could be practically anything, including the motherboard, processor, memory, graphics, sound, network, etc.

You might have a bad power supply.

You may need to install drivers. (BIOS updates and processor driver updates can ruin your system if the go wrong. Try other things first, and maybe have a tech do these if they are necessary.)

It could be a specific program. Do you find that the system crashes when you are using it in a certain way? Intense graphics, network, etc.?

It could be that XP isn't setting something properly. It could be a bad setting in BIOS setup (like memory timing).

Links to follow. Sorry for the mishmash.

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by seanferd In reply to memory dump code
Testing memory: <br> <br>
You want the Windows binary. If you don't have a floppy drive, get the ISO with the .zip extension an burn to CD.
<br><br> <br>
Seems to find issues in RAM that only affect Windows.

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i cant even test it anymore coz it will go to blue screen

by haleanana In reply to more

yes!the first time the blue screen started to appear was when i installed the new graphics card which is geforce 6200le.I played rome total war fine for the first few days then the blue screen appeared and after a few days it damaged my hdd.I changed the hdd.same thing happened fine for the first few days and then blue screen!The third time this happend is today and all i did was surf the net.The only thing that appears on the blue screen are those numbers i typed earlier
\Note: i havent got the cd for my mobo anymore
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
1 gig Hynix Ram single stick
Geforce 6200 le
DVD rin
Firewire 400 & 800 on this motherboard.
Motherboard GA-K8NNXP Specs
Socket 754 for AMD Athlon64
Chipset NVIDIA nForce3 150 Platform Processor
Super I/O: ITE IT8712F chip
Integrated peripherals
Silicon Image sil3512 controller
GigaRAID ATA 133 RAID controller
T.I. IEEE1394b controller
Realtek 8110S Gigabit Ethernet controller
Realtek 8201 PHY LAN chip
Realtek ALC658 Audio AC'97 Codec
Type: DDR400/ 333/ 266- 184pin
Max capacity: Up to 3GB by 3 DIMM slots
2 x Serial ATA connector
4 x UDMA ATA 133/100/66 Bus Master IDE connectors (2 IDE connectors from GigaRAID controller are for HDDs only)
1 x FDD connector
2 x USB 2.0/1.1 connectors (supports 4 ports)
2 x IEEE 1394b connectors (supports 3 ports)
S/P DIF input/output pin header
3 x cooling fan pin headers
1 x Game/Midi connector
Expansion Slots 1 x AGP slot (8x/4x-AGP 3.0 compliant), supports 1.5v display card only.
5 x PCI slots (PCI 2.3 compliant)
1 x DPS slots
Back Panel Connectors PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse
2 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
2 x RJ45 ports
2 x COM ports
1 x LPT
Audio (1 x Line-in / 1 x Line-out / 1 x Mic) connector
CPU/AGP/DIMM setting CPU FSB / Multiplier / Vcore Voltage adjustable via BIOS
AGP Voltage / Clock adjustable via BIOS
DIMM Voltage / Clock adjustable via BIOS
Power ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector
Power-off by Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP shut down and switch

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Now that is a good hardware list!

by seanferd In reply to i cant even test it anymo ...

Okay: try going back to a different graphics card, and see if it helps. The RAM may be cheap and below spec also, I don't recognize the name. You may also be under-powered. (I didn't notice any PSU power ratings. The unit could also be cheap or old.)

CD for mobo: you can get the drivers from Gigabyte. If you didn't have them when you re-installed XP, the system may not be running up to snuff. You can get updated drivers for all your hardware from the manufacturers.

Anyway, try the graphics card first. It may be bad, missing drivers (along with the mobo), or underpowered.

Sorry, haleanana. I need to get a little bit of sleep. Some really good techs might hit this thread as daylight hits them. Good luck, I'll try to check back soon.

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PSU model (thanks for the help guys)

by haleanana In reply to Now that is a good hardwa ...

i really appreciate all the help guys especially you seanferd.

anyways my psu is GALAXY atx-320t
ac input 115v/230v 6A 60hz/50hz 350w max

i will try all these suggestions tomorrow.

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