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HDD detection problem

By aseem_kumar_2001 ·
I have a samsung 40 gb hdd. I am facing a very peculiar issue with it.
If the HDD is kept in the cabinet (it is kept in a horizontal position in the cabinet and is screwed on the sides.) my BIOS doesnot detect it.
But if i take it out and keep it on my desk(in horizontal position) , then the BIOS detects it easily.
Can this be pointing towards a disk failure happening in future.

What should be done to rectify this

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by In reply to HDD detection problem

Hello Aseem,

Q: Can this be pointing towards a disk failure happening in future.
A: Maybe. You should be cautious, take regular backups, and run CHKDSK on the drive.

If you can repeat the experience you cite at will (no detection inside case, detection outside case), then I suggest the problem may not be the drive. I've seen EMF inteference cause problems like this. The routing of the IDE ribbon cables is different when the drive is inside the case vs. outside.


1. Try re-routing the IDE ribbon cable inside the case. Keep it away from the power supply as much as possible.

2. Drives are so cheap it is not worth any serious amount of your time to "save" this one. If you don't get it to work for any reason, replace it. If you do, you'll reap a bonus. Today's drives have much higher recording densities than older drives like your 40 GB. This gives them a much higher data transfer rate on top of the 7200 RPM speed they all have now.

Did this help?

-----Steve Jackson

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by aseem_kumar_2001 In reply to HDD detection problem

Yes whenever i try putting it in the case the bios wont detect it (very very rarely though it detects it)
I will try changing attached place of cables.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to HDD detection problem


As above but also try a new IDE cable, tyours may have a faulty connection that comes good in the external position.

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