HDD Docking Station problem

By nanakontihene ·
I have an All-in-one docking station, model #(wlxkj 875). It takes both IDE and SATA 3.5 and 2.5 hdds. There is also a built-in multicard reader. Windows 7 recognises it and installs drivers for it. Card reader works alright. My problem is that when I plug in any hdd its icon flashes on screen for a second and vanishes without a trace....not even in Computer Management.
Can somebody help me.

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While totally unfamiliar with that device...

by robo_dev In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...

Hard drives take lots of power and cards do not.

Does this unit have some sort of external power supply or secondary USB connection to the PC for more power?

I would look into whether the power supply is faulty or inadequate.

When you plug in a drive, can you hear it spin-up? If not, then my guess would be that it's not getting adequate power.

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WLX-875 HDD recognizing problem.

by mexboy In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...

I have exactly same problem so I test diferente HDD every HDD i have is over 160 GB but when i place a 10GB it works like a charm... I'm thinking the unit is not build to work with larg HDD units.. but is only speculation I hope it will help you.

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by nclrez In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...

I've tried 2 different units ( thought 1st was bad) BUT... tHIS DOES not RECOGNIZE ide DRIVES--- RECOGNIZES sata DRIVES OK, BUT NOT ide.. dON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH IT... I also recommend Acronis True Image as software for cloning and backing up... I have Version 10- easily and perfectly- Sorry for the Caps...

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** these Wont look at WD drives.

by digitrog In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...

* Unfortunately these wlxkj-875 units will not access Western Digital HDDs of either SATA or PATA (IDE) !
neither 2.5 or 3.5 drives! - put in a WD drive, even the power light does not come on!
[ yet those drives run ok from my U-Drive USB cable ]
(and from another source I have seen , maybe not IBM branded drives either)

ALSO the eSATA port - if you look underneath - it clearly states the eSATA port through ports to a FRONT SATA interface - does not mention it runs the drives from the eSATA connector ...

* it WILL read upto 4TB [ 2x 2TB ]
I have one of these units, and it reads perfectly a SATA Seagate 1.5TB [3.5"]
and have tried several OLD and new IDE drives, and reads them all ( except for the WD drives )

* as regards enough power - - -
The output from the supplied power supply for this unit is 12v @ 2 amp, and 5v @ 3.5 amp - more than enough to power several HDDs.

* the info for these docking stations also states it will work with Win98 to Win7 !
... mine works fine on WinXP and Win7

... but if there are physical problems with your drive - nothing but good luck can help there.

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Check the bottom 2 posts here...

by dldorrance In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...
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HDD Docking station problem

by Pastprime In reply to HDD Docking Station probl ...

Hi, Nanakontihene, I have the same situation with a Hitachi SATA drive. On checking the properties of the H drive, the USB connection, Hardware shows all of the different drives covered by the unit. It shows the Hitachi drive as working normally and yet my Windows 7 laptop cannot communicate. I suspect it is the need to install some software from the disk that came with the device but cannot understand the manual to find out which of the software programs should be installed, if any. The only one I tried stated it was only for Windows 98. So I am having the same problem and none of the suggestions so far are helpful. Any other ideas anyone?

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