HDD Drive Error - Iinspiron 6000 - HELP!!!

By njhbnd ·
Dell Inspiron 6000
Windows XP SP2

About 3 days before the error, I made a huge mistake. I attempted to install an executable downloaded from a file sharing program. For two days the computer obviously had a virus. I attempted to use System Restore, and it could not restore my computer to any of the three restore points I attempted. I tried ridding the computer of the virus with McAfee, SpyDoctor (got rid of VUNDO virus for me about 6 months ago), and Ad-Aware...all to no avail. I was working on a paper and running an online virus scan from pc-housecall when the computer froze. I assumed it was just the virus overworking my processor and since my work was saved, I attempted to reboot. Upon reboot I got a missing file error, and had to reboot again. Then it was "Internal hard disk not found" "Internal HDD Hard error" "press F1 to continue or F3 to enter setup". F1 gives me the same error message. Drive is not recognized in BIOS, Diagnostic fails only for DST Short Test with error message "No drive connected". If I attempt to use the XP system disk, it can't find a drive on which to install or repair. I'm typing this from the same laptop...just installed a different hard drive, so it isn't the laptop, it's gotta be the drive. Can I do anything to get important files back from the drive? Is this just from the virus (repairable?), or do I have a physical error of some kind?

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Run the Dell Diag on the hd

by wanttocancel In reply to HDD Drive Error - Iinspi ...

See if it passes that diag test. If not, download and run Ultimate Boot CD and run the health test for the model brand of the hd. If the hd fails that test then chances are the hard drive is bad. If the computer's still under warranty call Dell and have them ship another one to you.

As for getting the data off of the drive, I would invest in a SATA/IDE to USB Adapter (there's a few good ones on Newegg), hook it up to the hd and see if Windows will recongize it. If not, then I would either take it to a reputable computer repair store and see if they can salvage any of your data or you can buy GetDataBack and pull the data off yourself.

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If the drive isn't being detected in the BIOS

by Jacky Howe In reply to HDD Drive Error - Iinspi ...

it is a good indication that it has gone to Silicon Heaven. The events leading up to it's demise may have been coincidental. If the Data is valuable you could use a Recovery service like...

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by njhbnd In reply to If the drive isn't being ...

I tried the freezing thing...didn't work but It was a long shot to begin with...It even sounds like it's powering up and spinning when I try to boot, can it power up and still be toast? **sigh** It is toast isn't it?

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If the drive is spinning

by Jacky Howe In reply to hmmm.....

and it is not powering up it is probably the controller card.

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cant be

by njhbnd In reply to If the drive is spinning

cant be the controller typing to you from the same laptop...only difference is the hard drive. the controller card isnt part of the actual hd is it?

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When you connect the power

by Jacky Howe In reply to cant be

connector and the data cable to a hard drive you are connecting them to the hard drives controller card.
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If this is a SATA HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HDD Drive Error - Iinspi ...

That may be perfectly correct. Some M'Boards do not report SATA HDD's in the BIOS. It could just be a Corrupt Master Boot Record/Partition Table on the HDD.

Have you tried using the HDD Makers Testing Utility to Diagnose the drive?

However if you are using another HDD in this computer now does it show up in BIOS? If it doesn't then there may be no Mechanical Damage to the Old HDD. If it does then that HDD has gone to Silicon Heaven.


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