HDD free space limit

By gazi_al ·
Hello everyone i have a problem in my company where i work i have two HDD with 500 gb but i want to limit each HDD example HDD1 has 500 gb and i want not get data more dhen 400 gb is there a partition limit or tools that can help me ...

Best wishies..!

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Partition is the way...

by LuisJR02 In reply to HDD free space limit

You may merely want to partiion the hard drive for the space you want to utilize. The remaining space can be restricted for other uses.

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by gazi_al In reply to Partition is the way...

Its not big problem that other users can't acces in the restricted free space, because the PC is used for video recording all i wanted to do not create partitions but in existing partition example 500 gb to limit not getting video data more than example 400 gb

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Obvious question #1 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HDD free space limit

If you don't want to partition these HDDs to provide a data limit, what are you intending doing (or thinking of achieving) by keeping 100GB empty ?

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achievments are

by gazi_al In reply to Obvious question #1 ...

i want to acheive these with twoo hdds are for video surveillance and they work 24 they never shutdown with that 100 per each hdd i want to achiev cauz one off hdd get fully with video and then he stops working and shows me in PC 'NO DISK SPACE'even i have free space in second HDD the fully HDD block the system have to stop monitoring to cool them this thing happends in fourth or five days...

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I think you misunderstand the concept of 'limiting' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to achievments are

Because even IF you could place an upper limit of 400GB on what is basically a 500GB HDD - all that will happen is that the 'No Disk Space' problem will just occur quicker (at the 400GB level, rather than 500GB).

Your main problem is that the system is overflowing. Now there could be quite a few reasons for this.

#1 The settings of your Video Capture might be adjustable.

#2 In what format are you saving this surveillance video footage? EVEN domestic video DVDs can accommodate full-colour video at barely more than 1.5GB per hour of commercial film entertainment.

So 500GB (at 1.5GB per hour) equates to over 300 HOURS !! - That's over TWELVE days of video.

How long are you keeping these vids for?

After a certain number of days you should be archiving this material onto a backup media.

No matter what limit you place on the HDD (especially if you bring the limit DOWN), if you do not remove the files as they grow old, there will NEVER be enough room for a constant video feed.

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by gazi_al In reply to I think you misunderstand ...

sorry for my english but for 1 month i spend 300gb videos i have mention than i have 2x500 hdd for now all want to do is because i spend 300 per 1 month i want to keep videos for 2 month it gets equally 600 gb the meaning of the question that i don't want 90% of my data to be stored in the same drive because system overflows for firts month equally 300 gb i wana be stored in 1 hdd and videos of second month to be stored in second hdd the reason is all i wanna do this i dont like all of my videos to be stored on first drive to get 100% with data and than in second drive to be in use just 25% of capacity all the meaning i want to rearrange capacity of drives both off drives to be used 60% cuz when firts drive gets full of video data owerflows my ... i dont know how clearly i was of explanation of situation i'm sorry for my english... best wishies

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There is an advantage

by IC-IT In reply to yes

to partioning one drive.
If you partition say 20GB for the OS and the rest for storage. The system won't stop when you run out of hard drive space.
You could then set the preferences (in the video software) to overwrite the files at a certain time period.
Another option would be a small script to move the files after one month and to perform the cleanup.

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Why don't you

by Jacky Howe In reply to HDD free space limit

just invest in a 1TB drive or larger. That way you won't fill it up so quick and have the problems redirecting to the second drive.

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