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HDD Got Smaller

By TJNash09 ·
Ok I installed windows on a new hard drive which is in my slave slot and formatted it at NTFS. But i got almost 10 gigs smaller from a 40gig to a 31 gig... how can I reverse this?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HDD Got Smaller

How did you format the HDD with the Windows Installer?

Secondly are you sure that the drive isn't limited to a certain size? If you have a Maxtor it sounds like a jumper setting is set to 32 GIG limit so with the small DOS partition that the NTFS creates it would be lose to the 32 GIG limit.

You will need to post a bit more information here like what Brand of HDD you have what version of Windows you are running and if the drive is shown in the BIOS as its full 40 GIG and only in Windows as 31 GIG.


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by In reply to HDD Got Smaller


Firstly, by industry convention, drive makers report drive size as 1GB = 1000**3 bytes. Windows reports drive size as 1GB = 1024**3 bytes. So, a drive maker's 40GB drive will be reported by Windows to be 37.2GB. It appears you're seeing a little less: 31GB.

Please provide some details so this question does not leave so many questions. What operating system are you running? What are the byte counts from the Properties window for the drive in question:
1. Right click on the drive icon.
2. Choose Properties.
3. Report Capacity, Used Space, and Free Space, in bytes.

Are you running Windows XP? If so, open Computer Management and verify drive size and partition size. Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management.

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by TJNash09 In reply to HDD Got Smaller

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