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By pcbuddy ·
im not sure if this the right forum for this,but anyways..i just installed a hard drive with data on it as a secondary/slave.its being detected in the bios. but when system boots up i cannot see the hdd. i have tried to reset the jumpers, still doesnt work. checked under device manager it shows up but doesnt appear under my thinkin it could drivers problems..any other ideas?

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by statykserver In reply to HDD ISSUE

what file system does the data drive have and what system are you trying to read it from? You said the data drive is installed as a secondary\slave, meaning its not on the same ribbon cable as the primary drive. So if its on the secondary ribbon cable it is probably sharing with a cdrom or other device. You said " i have tried to reset the jumpers, still doesnt work." Have you checked the jumpers on the other shared device as well and tried all possible jumper settings between the two. Try leaving the data drive on the secondary cable as the only device on that cable with jumper settings as master, and try cable select. Hope this helps

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by brian In reply to HDD ISSUE

It sounds like you need to assign a letter. If you are using Win 2k or XP right click on my computer and choose manage.
Click on disk managment
The drive should be listed below the main drive. Your first drive is probably drive 0 and this one drive 1.
If you right click on the partition area graph choose change drive letter and path
Choose a letter to assign the drive
You are set

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by zlitocook In reply to HDD ISSUE

Try removing all cables from drives, Then set your main drive the one with your bootable O/S on it to master. Then conect the second drive on the second IDE connector, not on the same cable as the main drive. Set the move the jumper to each position and reboot. I have seen this problem with older drives and newer mother boards, the jumper setting have to be just right or your O/S will not see it. You can try Bartpe it seems to work great for most problems with XP and other O/S.

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