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hdd locked

By ljmendigorin ·
My pc was running perfectly fine. When i restarted the pc a hdd locked error appeared and it was asking for a password. I've tried connecting the hdd in another computer and i still get the same result. what should i do to resolve the problem? by the way, there were no other software involved that might hav affected the hd.

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by catfish182 In reply to hdd locked

I would first go to properties of the drive. Check the sharing and security options on the drive. Some info is missing though. What OS are you running? Have you ran a spyware scan (not do you think you are infected but have you ran one)
I do know there is a way to password protect a hard drive though sharing and security. So i would look there first. let me know some more info on the system and i would be happy to help out more. Also on a longshot you may want to check the partition and see whats there. Also another long one is the MBR. but thats a real long one.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to hdd locked

i have never encounterd this problem.
what model drive please?
what os please?
maybe a good place to start to research this is the drive manufacturer's website...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hdd locked

When you connect the HDD to another computer are you asked for a password or just told that you can not access these files?

The latter is the most likely thing to happen with a Windows OS you are going to be told that you can not access these files as you do not have the right privileges to get them off the drive. If that is the case you need to take ownership of them by doing the following.;en-us;308421

If that is of no help a lot more info would not go astray like what OS and version of it you are using and the like. Also the exact error message that you get when the drive is in another computer would also be a lot of help.


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by ljmendigorin In reply to hdd locked

the hdd locked appears just as the computer detects the devices connected to the IDE. after detection it then asks me for a password. meaning i can't access the hdd. that includes the O.S. and files in it.

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by ljmendigorin In reply to hdd locked

actually this also my 1st time to encounter this kind of problem. i tried searching some forums that might have the same problem. they said that it could be set through a bios that is capable of locking hdd's but i havent seen any configuration in the bios/cmos

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by ljmendigorin In reply to hdd locked

seagate barracuda 7200.7 40GB st340014a
windows xp sp2
after the bios boot up. it then displays hdd locked then asks for a password. you are given 5 attempts to input the right password. if not it then halts and you'll have no option but to restart the pc again

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by willcomp In reply to hdd locked

Download and burn the Ultimate Boot CD (Google it). You'll need Nero, Easy CD Creator, or another program that will burn an iso file.

There are 2 DOS based file managers on the UBCD that will read NTFS partitions. See if you can access drive with either one of those programs.


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