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hdd not detected

By marius_voicu ·
I have a hdd that bios can't detect it.I have checked all the posibilities and nothing.I want a hdd recover,to make the bios see it,i know that there's a posibility to recover it.

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by willcomp In reply to hdd not detected

Assume this is a hard drive that suddenly quit working and BIOS is not detecting it.

Try using different cables and connect drive to other IDE channel after ensuring that devices on that channel (usually optical drives) are detected.

If it is still not detected, you probably have an on board controller failure (drive electronics failure). The circuit board can be replaced with one from an identical, working drive or you can send it to a specialist in drive recovery. Minimum cost for recovery will be about $250.00.

One thing to try on outside chance it will work. Place drive in a zip lock bag and remove as much air as possible. Then place it in a freezer for about 2 hours. Remove and connect while cold. If drive is recognized, copy data as quickly as possible.

In short, there are no simple, quick fixes for drive electronics failures regardless of what you may have heard.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to hdd not detected

what about spinrite?

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by dmiles In reply to hdd not detected

One of my favourites - put the hard drive in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer - cooling it down shrinks the parts and may enable the drive to spin up properly. I actually try this and get lots of funny looks from my wife. Still, it doesn't work.

I look at some businesses that do hard drive recovery - the prices are exhorbitant! I could buy 2 replacement drives for those prices.

See TR article 200 Wayas to revive hard drive

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by wlbowers In reply to hdd not detected

You have electronics failure. If the bios can't detect the drive or you cannot enter the data and have the bios respond software will not do you any good.

You will get all kinds of wierd suggestions. If the data is important you will want to consider data recovery.

It is not cheap.

Check the common things first. Change the cable, change the controller it is on. Try the drive on a different computer.

Visually look at the electronics board. Do you see any black burn tracings. Or do any of the chips look like they are blistered.

If you find anything like that you could try to change the board from the exact same make and model drive.

What ever you decide I wish you Good Luck


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by itcanada In reply to hdd not detected

sometimes just tapping on the hard drive with your finger will work as well. one quick hard tap. if the hard drive is dying you may only get one crack at it, so if it works copy important data immediatley.
also check the psotion of the clip for the master, slve or auto. may be lose.

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by dcosgrove In reply to hdd not detected

Every once in a while I get one that will boot a few more times by switching the "cable select" or "master" setting to which ever it is not currently set at. But barring this and or cable or power connector failure, if the bios won't recognize the drive, neither will any type of recovery software.

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by PF In reply to hdd not detected

You may like to try Powerquest Lost and Found. Although this software is now obsolete, it can detect a drive that is ignored by the bios. The copy I have can only save to floppy which is very tedious but it may just save the day.

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