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HDD Not detecting

By anantanarayanb ·
Dear Techies,

I have a MSI motherboard with AMD processor. Whenever I am connecting a working drive to the Primary Master or Slave IDE port it is not detecting and some mechanical sound comes from the HDD, but whenever I am connecting to Secondary Master it solves the problem.

Here I want to mention one thing, The CDD is working fine with this port. But along with CDD if I connect a HDD then again the same problem arises.

Can anyone find the troubleshooting for this problem? I doubt in Primary IDE port, But I want to know what is the exact trouble here that it is creating prob. incase of HDD. And what is the solution to it?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HDD Not detecting

The most likely problem here is that the Primary IDE Chanel has gone bad and will no longer support any devices. When you add it to the Secondary IDE Channel you'll need to make sure that the HDD is set to Master and the CD ROM to Slave and not rely on the IDE Lead to pickup the correct devices by using Cable Select. Most likely you'll have the HDD on the Slave Plug and the Optical drive on the Master Plug of the IDE Lead so unless both are set to CS [Cable Select] they will not work.

You can get around this problem by using a PCI to IDE Card if you have a spare PCI Slot available as well or you'll need to replace the M'Board.

Most likely if the Primary IDE Chanel has failed the Secondary Chanel will not be far behind it so you're most likely looking at replacing the M'Board.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to HDD Not detecting


Have you checked the jumpers on the drives? It sounds as if both drives are set to be either master or slave.
Make sure that the HDD is set as the master and the CDD is the slave. Better still have the HDD on the primary IDE port and the CDD on the secondary.

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