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    hdd null


    by design ·

    I have hdd which suddenly cease to register, the pc was on and suddenly black screen with message ” ntdll not found ” or to that fact.
    Since the bios does not register drive and it does not boot either.
    Any suggestions ??????
    The hdd is Maxtor D540x-4k 40GB
    It seems if it will power up but then it will die.

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      by glyall ·

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      go to maxtor
      this is the page for your drive to find tech support.
      check the troubleshooting and diagnostics

      I think the drive is about to die.
      I hope in is still under warranty.

      good luck

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      by djent ·

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      Have you tried contact cleaner or a new cable yet.

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      by dougroswell ·

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      Maxtor puts out a good drive diagnostic untility called powermax. the latest version is 3.04. I would run this it will give you a better idea of what exactly is going on with your drive.
      Good luck.

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      by javier ·

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      I bet your hdd have a failure on the electronic logic card, so you have to look for another disk identically to yours and switch the boards, and recover the data. Once you do this, you may try to freeze your card, then washit wiht soap and brush, and dry it with a blower, then reinstall it, some times it hepls.

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