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Hi I am no tech expert but I have ran into a problem. I had a old crappy gateway laptop that I got for free years ago. And it decided to die. Anyway there is a HDD password on it that I know because I had just logged into it a few days ago before it crashed. So I took out the hard drive tried opening it on a desktop through disk management but it wouldn’t let me initialize the drive... not surprised so I got a different laptop and plugged it in and it says the password is incorrect even though I KNOW it’s correct. I have tried everything even took the keyboard off the old laptop to but on this laptop to see if there was something different with the keys. Has anyone ever had this problem or know a way past it??? Thanks for your help.
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The only time I have seen issues with HDD Encryption is when

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HDD password

You try to open a Encrypted HDD on a different OS and the OS you are trying to open it on does not support the same Encryption Protocols.

Part of the problem with Windows Encryption is not all versions of Windows support the same encryption of Backup for that matter so what was made in one OS like XP may not be readable in another like 10.

The only way around this is to open the drive on the same OS as was used to make it.

That is if I am reading your question as you intended.

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