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HDD password delete on Toshiba Tecra A8 series

By anetsurfer ·
Need help
I have Toshiba Tecra A8 laptop.
I registered a boot (BIOS) and HDD passowrd using 'Security assist'. Both passwords were same.
I deleted my BIOS/Boot password but unable to delete HDD password. So since then I need to enter HDD password on boot.
I want to remove it but do not know how to do it.

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Here is how

by ralminov In reply to HDD password delete on To ...

Shutdown Tecra A8
Press ESC and Power button together
Enter the passwords if prompted
Press F1 to enter the BIOS

Select the password field (it shows Registered)
enter bkspc or space
enter your existing password
press enter
It prompts for New password
Just enter
Repeat for verify
Now password is Unregistered

Can be repeated for any password field
Hope this helps

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I could delete my HDD password, problem is resolved. Thank you very much.

by anetsurfer In reply to Here is how

This is how one gets stuck. I actually had tried almost same thing up tp backspace. and then never tried to put in my existing password. So that 'REGISTERED' thing used to come back when I quit.
So I followed what you wrote and it worked.
Thanks again.

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Worked nice

by bures In reply to I could delete my HDD pas ...

As anetsurfer posted - worked nice, but there's a question for Toshiba - is it really so important have such an idiot way to enter bios and/or change password? Other manufacturers have much more polite ways how to do this - so boys like me doesn't need to check such advices (don't bohter others with these usually easy things)



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re: is it really so important have such an idiot way to enter bios....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Worked nice

Yes, and it is going to get worse. The manufacturers are beginning to implement more secure ways to enter the BIOS because 'boys like you' seem to be able to steal laptops and access them without much trouble.

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by andybock1 In reply to re: is it really so impor ...

Thank you so much for this step-by-step instruction.

This password entry also had me stumped and now I was able to delete it.


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by jital1984 In reply to HDD password delete on To ...

use hiren boot cd. can download from freshwap & rapidshare

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Hiren's won't circumvent a BIOS encryption

by ddmcp2000 In reply to USE HIREN BOOT CD

A powerful tool, to be sure, but the HDD password in the Tecra is a hardware encryption, and even if you remove the drive from the laptop in it's encrypted state, no OS will even know the drive is there. Not Windows, not Linux... NONE. Once locked, ONLY THE BIOS THAT LOCKED IT can re-access that HDD.

Try again to be helpful, when you understand what you are trying to be helpful FOR.

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