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hdd password required - but not always and none is set

By Tech_Lady ·
Has anyone run across what I???m dealing with now? I have a Dell Latitude 110L laptop that our agency bought new and has had possession of since January 2006. It has been used in our domain for the past 5 years by different users. A couple of months ago the latest user started complaining that it pops up after POST and asks for a hdd password, but if he turns it off and reboots a couple of times it will finally boot into Windows XP. When it started this, I did a BIOS update, ran hard drive diagnostics, ran a disk drive SMART test, and updated other system drivers and everything passed and seemed fine. He used it a while longer and now it???s doing this hdd password thing more often than ever. I spent a long time on chat with Dell support yesterday morning and they could not clear the password so they said the hdd needed replacing. In setup it indeed showed that a hdd password was set. I rebooted a few more times and now it boots straight into Windows and going into setup it does not show that a hdd password is set. The user insists it is worse when the pc has set for a while and it quits when he???s using it more frequently. Any idea what is going on? Does the hard drive need replacing? This truly has me stumped and I???m not sure what more troubleshooting I can do. It is very frustrating for the user to have to power down multiple times just to boot. If it is a failing hdd, we'll replace but I don't want to spend the money and have the problem continue on an older laptop. Input would be appreciated.

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The solution

by Tech_Lady In reply to hdd password required - b ...

Just in case anyone runs across this and wonders.... We ended up replacing the hard drive and this fixed the issue. So, apparently SOMETHING in the hdd went haywire. It's been over 6 months now and the issue has not reappeared. :)

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