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    HDD Power on time 3068 days…


    by stevenisis04 ·

    Hello guys Im a bit worried because the 2TB HITACHI hdd (from 2010) I just bough from CEX it says 3068 days power on time, thats like 8 years and a half. and also it says more than 100 days Estimated remaining lifetime while all of my other drives say more than 1000 days. Im planning to use this hdd as a secundary drive to store games. Should I be worried, whats the best way to test the hdd is funcioning correctly and is the remaining lifetime shown on HDsentinel accurate ?
    Performance and health say 100%

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      I never worry about that. Why?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to HDD Power on time 3068 days…

      Because I have backups of what I can’t lose.
      Also, such predictions are always wrong.
      Then again if you find SMART values warning you of imminent failure, I do take those seriously and remove this HDD from use. It’s far easier and cheaper to be proactive.

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