HDD problem

By dhruva.aka.kd ·
i have a 120 gb wistern digital HDD.
due to some unknow reasons it has stoped working .when pluged into it produces some kind of strange noise .
have tried on different machince .still the response is same . pc is not able to generate a drive for it.

when plugged in , sys tray shows the icon tht it is connected to comp . but am not able to acces the harddisk .

plz . help wanted ..

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SYS Tray?

by ComputerCookie In reply to HDD problem

Have you checked the jumper setting of primary hdd and this hdd?

What HDD is it anyway?

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USB Drive?

by Bizzo In reply to HDD problem

Because of the systray reference I'm assuming it's a USB drive?

It might be that the drive normally allocated to that drive is being used by a network drive? I've had a similar problem in the past.
Plug the drive into the machine
Right click My Computer
Select Manage
Click Disk Management (under Storage)
On the right, all your local drives should be visible. USB drives may be described as removable or basic.
Reassign a drive letter, that isn't being used by a network drive.

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Like others I'm assuming that this is a USB Drive

by OH Smeg In reply to HDD problem

Depending on the noise being made the most likely thing is that the drive is shot and no longer working.

There can be 3 reasons for this

1 The USB Drive Enclosure or Lead is faulty.

2 The Circuit Board on the HDD has failed. This most often happens in USB Drives because the Drive is left on a lot and it overheats.

3 The HDD has had a total failure. If you are hearing a Click Click type of noise the Read Write Heads are flicking from Stop to Stop and are no longer able to track the platters. In USB Enclosures this can be brought about by either dropping the enclosure or leaving it running a lot and allowing the drive to get too hot.

If you need to recover data off this drive it needs to be sent to a Data Recovery House who is capable of reading directly off the platters in a Class 1 Clean Room. While this may not be required it may be and if you send the drive to someone who can not perform this type of recovery they are more likely to damage the Platters more making the possibility of recovering your Data less likely.

As the drive is now making a noise which you didn't describe I would suggest that you Do Not Run It as you run the risk to doing more damage making it harder and more expensive if you need to recover any data on the drive.


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