Hdd problems

By donald.laing ·
I cloned the operating system on a failing pata drive to a standalone sata drive then inserted a new pata drive then rebooted. but try as I might I cannot get the bios to recognize the new drive. It can be seen in device manager and also in "my computer" and the drive can be used, just not seen in the bios. Any suggestions?

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You'll need to run the Reinstall option

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hdd problems

Listed here


And when the Windows installer is starting press the F6 key to add drivers and find your M'Board CD and copy the SATA Drivers to the Root of a Floppy then use that Floppy to install the SATA Drivers.

The problem here is that you don't have the necessary SATA Drivers installed to allow the system to boot off a SATA Drive.


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by donald.laing In reply to You'll need to run the Re ...

thank you. however I am already booting into the operating system on the sata drive with no problems from the bios. Its just that the bios will not see the new pata drive and thats irritating. Strange-----mebbe I am just splitting hairs here, but there must be a reason

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OK in that case it has to be a setting on the IDE Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sata

There is a Jumper on the drive and depending on the make you may need to move this or even remove it so that it's visible in BIOS.

What Brand of HDD is this? And what size is it?

What M'Board Brand Model & BIOS Version Number are you Running it on?

Where on the IDE Cable is this drive located? The end connector or the middle connector.

Finally when you open the drive in Windows can you see all of it like something close to its rated size or are you only seeing part of the size of the drive?


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by donald.laing In reply to OK in that case it has to ...

add on to my reply Col. yes I can see the drive in windows showing close to it's rated size.

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OK as it's actually working properly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hdd

You'll need to try a BIOS Flash to the latest available for your M'Board System depending on who made the computer. If it's a Prebuilt unit you can go to the makers Web Site and download the most current BIOS Update and the Flashing Utility and if it's a White Box you'll need to go to the M'Board Makers Web Site and download the newest BIOS and Flash utility.

If you are a bit squeamish about Flashing the BIOS you can buy a replacement BIOS Chip from here with the latest BIOS on it


They have the necessary procedure to identify the correct type of Chip and how to identify the BIOS version on this Web Site and offer an excellent service. I personally always buy new BIOS Chips for any Mission Critical Server Platform as it's a 5 minute job changing a BIOS Chip and a much longer time being without a Computer if the Flash Fails. $30.00 US is much cheaper than 10 minutes of Downtime and when you have a BIOS Flash go bad you'll be down for much longer than 10 minutes.


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by donald.laing In reply to OK as it's actually worki ...

Yes hal I think the answer must lie here. It is a self build and I have flashed the bios 3 times each of the first 2 (the latest) not working properly So I cleared the cmos and went back to a bios just a bit later than my original bios and as it worked correctly I have left it there. I'll have a look at the site you mention. Thanks for your help and advice. Don.

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WD Drive?

by willcomp In reply to Hdd problems

If PATA drive is a Western Digital drive, ensure that jumper is either set to CS or Single Drive (jumper removed). WD drivers set to Master require a slave drive.

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wd drive

by donald.laing In reply to WD Drive?

thank you. The new pata drive is a 160gb maxtor diamond max and the jumper is set to CS om the primary IDE,with an asus cd-rom as slave on there.there is also a WD pata 60gb drive set as master on the secondary IDE with a DVD r/rw set as slave there. Then there is the sata drive(80gb maxtor) with the os installed there plugged into a sata connecter on the mobo(asus p4c800e deluxe)

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