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HDD seems to die.

By reezin14 ·
I recently installed a 120GB Maxtor HDD in a friends HP computer and everything went acordingly.They got it home and suppositly adjusted the resolution and then things started to go wrong.I got the computer back and started it up and everthing went fine until it got to the the windows screen,I heard the HDD winding up then winding down and the screen went black and everything stops.Can anyone help or know what this is and shy it is happening?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HDD seems to die.

Well a few questions here when the screen goes black is the computer still running?

I would first be looking at the Power Supply and replacing it regardless as the HP standard units are not much chop. I've had a repaired HP unit delivered here because they couldn't get it to work doing what you describe and I connected up a 480 W Antec Power Supply and it worked perfectly of course they had already changed the PS 4 times so had ruled that out as a possible problem but it was the problem as the computer was 3 months old in original configuration and just didn't have a big enough PS to continue working. Of course as it was a propriety component it was then up to HP to repair the unit as they had their own odd shaped PS in the box and nothing else would fit in the case.

If the unit is still running I would drop in the Install CD and do a repair install to see if that works as they could have changed far more than just the screen resolution and corrupted the OS.

Or you could have a dead HDD you can use the Maxtor utility to check it out you use a Win 98 Boot Floppy and then insert the Maxtor Utility and run the Diagnostic which if the HDD is dead or dieing will give you an error code which you need for an RMA.


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by reezin14 In reply to

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by Neil Cotton In reply to HDD seems to die.

its is unlickly, but certainly possible, they may have or have had the IDE Controller windows specific driver corrupted or overwritten. Try booting in safe mode aswell, see if that has any joy.

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by reezin14 In reply to HDD seems to die.

Thanks HAL 9000 I will try a new PS and see what happens.Also HAL I was about to do an repair install and it was going fine until I got to the Admin password,did'nt have time to get the PW so I abandond the repair now that I know the PW I give that a try also. Neil Cotton also thanks but I tried to boot in safemode and the samething happened again I just could'nt get it started.

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by reezin14 In reply to HDD seems to die.

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