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HDD speeds lag behind MB & CPU advances

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Looking at the advances in MB, RAM, and CPU speeds. At what point will the manufacturers realize that the HDD is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the modern PC(for general use)? Obviously, you can spend a mint and invest in SCSI( and even SCSI can't keep up with them), but, until its pricing is inline with what the general public is willing to pay, it really is a moot point. You'd think they would realize that IDE/EIDE HD is the mainstream component that needs the most attention.
Granted, that the additional speed of the RAM, and CPU do add to the overall performance of any system, if coupled correctly with other peripherals. But, its useless if the HD can't deliver the goods fast enough for the extra system speed to really shine.
Any thoughts?

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Large banks of RAM

by admin In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

heheheehe :)

Oh, and huge amounts of processing and RAM onboard with the GPU.

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And so??

by GuruOfDos In reply to Large banks of RAM

My first computer (PC that is) was (and still goes!!) a 386DX33 with a whopping 4MB of RAM and a vast 100Mb of 19.5mS IDE hard drive.

I have sat in front of me, a modest beast with a 20Gb Hard disk and 256Mb of RAM and a 1GHz Duron.

Just for gag value...created a 120Mb 'RAM DISK', copied entire HDD from 386 to ram disk, cranked her up and off she went!!! Running Dos 6.22, W3.11 and Word 1.1, Excel greased weasel **** off a chromed shovel!!!!

Oh yes....bypass the HDD and these 'puter thingys really fly. But what do peeps expect from motor and solenoid technology?!!! We use solid state disks (like ram disks) that fit onto the IDE interface. Yes, they are volatile, but they have the option to dump to flash on shutdown.

Hmmm....PC133 memory is what now, pennies per meg?? Ram controllers are cheap, lithium ion batteries are cheap....

One question fast do we really want our computers to go?? Faster than we can type and look at the screens?!!! All the processing is done in the CPU and the ram anyway....and our beloved software companies give us pretty animations to look at while our drives are who really gives two hoots?!!!


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by admin In reply to And so??

Yes, it it to be for fun around town, on the highway, or just for the exhilaration at Bonneville for the hardy few :)

Your machine sounded pretty fun!

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Price or speed?

by djent In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

Are you concerned about the price or the speed. If the speed is desired it is available via Ultra 160 or 320 SCSI. Try it and you may decide it is worth the price. If you are a Yugo customer forget about high performance and be happy with the economy, this relates to most things in life.

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New SATA (serial ATA) drives...

by Raymond Danner In reply to Price or speed?

The new standard for ATA should speed up EIDE to SCSI speeds...according to the industry magazines I've read articles about it in...although how one can speed up an interface by dropping back to serial (vs. parallel for current ATA) is beyond me. Parallel would seem, at least on the surface, eight to ten times faster than any POSSIBLE serial connection. However, your jibe about "If you are a Yugo customer forget about high performance and be happy with the economy" was unwarranted IMHO. The fact is that SCSI drive technology is well overpriced for what you get, and that was proven multiple times.

Want to know my biggest gripe about current drives? The sheer size! I tremble to think what damage will be done by losing a 120Gb HDD (who hasthe capability of running a full backup of such a monster? Nobody!) with most of its data? It would be (to me) much better to have four 30Gb HDDs or three 40's than one 120Gb, yet that is EXACTLY what some "high-end" systems come with...a 7200rpm 120Gb HDD.

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by djent In reply to New SATA (serial ATA) dri ...

SATA drives havn't hit the market yet. We will have to wait and see how it works in the wild. One of the advantages of high end SCSI drives is dependability and durability. I prefer Seagate Cheetah for the speed and relibilty. Most IDE drives targetthe consumer market, you can't expect a $60 drive to work as well or as long as a $250 drive and although IDE drives are much cheeper I have no desire to replace them as often as they fail. If SATA drives are consumer level products they offer little improvement over current ATA products.

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Yes they have!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to

What planet are you on?!! I've been using one for weeks!! They are not as fast as IDE, for the same reason RS232 is not as fast as parallel for printing. A nice idea, but UDMA 133 or SCSI is still better.

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by djent In reply to Yes they have!!

Are you using a serial ATA drive or a USB drive?

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by GuruOfDos In reply to

I think I know how to tell the difference!!!

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by djent In reply to SATA....obviously!!

Whose drive and controller are you using? Seagate has planned release for 3Q or 4Q 2002.

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