HDD Tower DIY Drive conection?

By DonDefy ·
Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

I have the following tower:


The above is just a bare bone skeleton.

SO my question is: How do i multiplex five hdds into one?

I was thinking of this:


But that's very pricey!

So i know i need a power supply. I would like to run all of the HDDs of one power supply. A bit of soldering should sort that out :)

However i am very confused about the multiplexing part. Basically all i want is for my computer to recognize say five 1tbs as one 5tb.

Any ideas?


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From what I've read recently you need to 'span volumes.'

by Ron K. In reply to HDD Tower DIY Drive conec ...

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308424 <br>
I have to ask, why do you want to do that? It's not fault tolerant. Losing one drive will cause the entire spanned volume to fail.

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by DonDefy In reply to From what I've read recen ...

Well the whole idea was to have one massive portable hard drive i.e. i have about 10 external hard drives lying around the place so i though sticking them into a tower will save me some space.

You see i want one connection to be coming out of the hdds. At the moment i have multiplexed in a 10 port USB hub. so i have one connection going to a usb 2.0 and i can see all 10 of them.

The problem i have the read right rates of a single 2.0 usb is to slow.

This project should also improve the read/write speed to the hdds.

I have usb 3.0 dongle for my pci slot but there are no converters for sata or IDE to USB 3.0 and there are nu USB 3.0 hubs

So the question now is what should i do?

How can i make this tower work?

Thnx for the reply :)

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Either Spanned Dynamic Volume or RAID 0 - not fault tolerant

by bitdoctor In reply to HDD Tower DIY Drive conec ...

As the other person pointed out, you would set it up as Spanned "Dynamic" disk, then add all the other 4 x 1TB drives to the dynamic disk, making it one logical drive "spanned" across 5 physical drives; i.e., one BIG "C:" drive.

An alternative is to get a hard drive controller that supports your number of drives and has RAID 0 - striping of your data across all 5 drives, but no fault tolerance and no redundancy.

Note that XP Professional's built in ability to create and use Dynamic Disks in a spanned set/volume is basically the same as a "Software RAID 0 configuration."

As for ONE power supply powering all drives - hmm - that should be possible - a lot of higher-end power supplies have 4 connectors, and you could do an adapter to convert one of the other connectors I suppose.

But I also want to ask why you would do this? It's just as easy to have 5 logical drives, C through G, for example. With a 'spanned' setup, if one drive goes flaky, you basically just lost ALL your data, because the O/S treats it as one big Master File Table; one big logical drive.

At least with 5 separate drives, you would not lose your everything if one drive went bad.

But best would be RAID-5 - get a RAID controller and use it. That will use one of the 5 drives as a 'hot-spare' automatically, in case one of the other drives fails. So, your space gets reduced by 1TB (for that hot spare), but if a drive fails, it automatically used that extra 'hot spare' and fails over, without loss of data, so you can keep running, while you go and order a replacement drive. When replacement drive arrives, put it in place of the bad one, and you are done - the RAID array basically rebuilds itself, and keeps a 'hot spare' when you set it up as RAID 5. This is most often what we do in large corporations. NOTE: This is NOT a substitute for backing up your data! Nor is RAID 0, but RAID 1 comes close, since it mirrors all data on one drive to the other drive.

IBM has a good primer on RAI

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More info

by DonDefy In reply to Either Spanned Dynamic Vo ...

You see when you mention RAID controller straight away for me it means using a mother board.

Whats i wanted to to do was to keep it as basic as possible down to 4 components(HDDs, Power suply, Tower, Sata hub). So not use a mother board.

From what your saying i will have to use one?

Apparently this one has an integrated raid controller:


Would i be able to use it without the mother board? (i.e. power it up hook up my hard drives to it)

All i am trying to implement a an HDD tower like thee ones they have online for 300-500 euro. But keeping the budget under 150 euro.

"It's just as easy to have 5 logical drives, C through G, for example. "

5 logical drives is fine i was just concerned about the transfer rate if i am accessing all of them at the same time via on cable, but i did some research and it shouldn't be an issue any more.


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