HDD went bad in my Toshiba P15 S479, have new HD but no BIOS

By muphasta ·
After one of MS's auto updates, my NTFS file system was damaged and I could no longer boot. I decided to replace the HD w/a much larger 160gb drive than the stock 40gb drive.

I formatted the new drive w/my tower w/XP loaded on it.

I have the original Recovery disk that came w/my Toshiba.

The following is true regardless of the presence of the HD, CD/DVD drive, recovery disk in the drive... I get nothing.

The screen remains blank, no bios, no errors, nothing. w/the drive installed, the CD/DVD drive installed, and the recovery disc in place, the disk does not spin.

Basically, nothing is being recognized.

The laptop sat aside w/out power for about 4 months until I got a new drive. Is there an on-board battery that may power the bios that may have died?

Thanks in advance.

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There are several possibilities here but unfortunately Toshiba

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HDD went bad in my Toshib ...

Doesn't like to share their Service Manuals with people outside of the Authorized Toshiba Service Agents.

So here you'll need to open the covers on the NB and look for a Coin Battery, there may be one which has discharged, however more likely the HDD contained the BIOS setup Files and you need to rebuild the HDD with the Special Boot Partition first to set the BIOS Options. However depending on the type of the HDD the BIOS may not actually see it. If it's a IDE/PATA Drive these have a Upper limit in the BIOS and if you exceed this Upper Limit in HDD Size the system fails to work.

If it's a SATA Drive which is very unlikely as I have not seen any 40 GIG NB SATA Drives there isn't a problem as SATA uses a different Interface to the M'Board.

Here if you need to rebuild the Drive Partitions you'll need to visit the Toshiba Web Site and download the necessary BIOS Files and install this onto the HDD on a different computer.


The other easy alternative is just to take it to a Authorized Toshiba Service Agent and get them to rebuild the system.


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Argh, really?

by seanferd In reply to There are several possibi ...

BIOS on the HDD?

And yeah, it was probably a 60GB drive.

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one more thing...

by muphasta In reply to There are several possibi ...

I put the original drive back in the computer, and it used to just error out, but nothing happened, so I'm hoping it was just that battery.

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If the CMOS battery died

by seanferd In reply to HDD went bad in my Toshib ...

BIOS would just lose all of its settings.

Do you get any indication that the system is powered at all? (Lights, etc.)

If not, try removing the laptop battery, then plug it back in.

Did you remove the drive originally with the power off, unplugged, and battery removed? I hope so.

You aren't using the wrong power adapter either, I hope.

Check to see if you disconnected other cables when you removed the drive.

If you get other indications of power, such as system lights, the display may be bad or possibly disconnected.

If you get no indications of power, even after battery removal, the PSU or whatever they have in notebooks could be bad.

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power, cables, and other questions answered...

by muphasta In reply to If the CMOS battery died

when I removed the original drive, all power was off, the battery was in, but had basically no charge.

I am using an official Toshiba power adapter.

no other cables were disconnected as the drive is the only thing in that area that I could disconnect.

When I do power the computer on, the power light is on, and I can hear something spinning, but it is probably just the fans.

Thanks for all everyone has posted so far.

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Re: official Toshiba power adapter

by seanferd In reply to power, cables, and other ...

Yeah, but there are two different adapters you might find for this model computer, and you have to make sure you have the right on if you replace it. One will under power the wrong computer, the other can fry the wrong computer.

It seems like you get some power indication, which is good.

You can still try plugging in the adapter with no battery in the machine, to see if it will at least spin up a drive.

if it is of a type which requires a functional battery in at all times, see Old Mycroft's post below.

The BIOS problem, where it might be on the drive, is another matter entirely...

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It might be the laptop battery pack itself ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HDD went bad in my Toshib ...

It will have fully discharged in the time frame it was left unattended in storage. Particularly due to being left in the laptop for that length of time too.

When a laptop is powered up, with the battery pack in place, there MUST be a certain amount of charge within it or else the laptop will not boot.

Try leaving the laptop connected to the mains adapter but not powered on, for at least 14 hours UNDISTURBED to allow the battery pack to regain a fully charged state. Don't be tempted to 'just have a try' after 5 hours or so!

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