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hdd will not recognize

By rcurran1 ·
I puchased an Ibm 765d laptop and was told upfront that it would need a hard drive.
So i puchased one formatted and loaded windows me in preparation,when i recieved the comp. it did not recognize the hard drive.
So i turned off re-booted pushed f1 to enter the bios,there is a box with easy setup also a box that has test so i clicked on and entered once in this box you can click on components to test,but the hdd is shaded as though it is not recognized.
All components system board,memory,display ect. all check good.I have taken this hard drive out and put in another one it boots right up any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.I am beginning to wonder if the ide connector is bad

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by TheChas In reply to hdd will not recognize

Make sure that the drive is setup as a single or master without slave present.

How big is the hard drive you have?
The largest drive that may have shipped with a 765D is 5.1 GB.

If your drive is larger than 8.4 GB, it may be too large for the BIOS on the IBM.

If the drive is larger than 8.4 GB, you may need to install the drive manufactures BIOS overlay software in order to trick the IBM into recognizing the drive.

As a side note: I NEVER install Windows with the hard drive in 1 PC and then move the drive to a different PC.
(Often, Windows 2000 and XP will NOT boot after the system drive is moved to new hardware.)
At a minimum, you will have to boot up several times in order to get the correct hardware drivers installed.
Worst case, the system will lock up and you will get nowhere.

When I set up a system, I format the hard drive as a bootable volume. Then, I copy the Windows CD onto the hard drive.
(I use a hot-swap bay on my main system for this.)
Then, boot up the target system,
browse to the folder where the CD files are,
run setup.

A BIG advantage of doing this is that you never need to Windows CD for driver or other installation issues.


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by TechieRob In reply to hdd will not recognize

I have to agree with Chas on this one, installing an OS onto a HDD then throwing it in another PC will ninety nine times out of 100 - fail. My thoughts lie with the type of HDD you purchased; and I am thinking that it is either too big for the laptop to support, or it is in the wrong file system. If the IDE works with another HDD, then the IDE isnt dodgy :)

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by May_Day In reply to hdd will not recognize

Do take note of the hard disk you are trying to install, the capacity of the harddisk is very important, also note the jumper settings of the HD. Check the BIOS settings of the pc and make sure the settings are correct.

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