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HDD won’t recover PDF Files

By Rasmus.Hald ·
Acrobat could not open __ filename ___ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file is damaged.

I found some .pdf files doing a raw recovery from Ontrack and receive similar issues when trying to open these files (I tried to match some up based on file size.

So far I haven't opened one file which makes me think the drive somehow scrambled all of the data. Any other recommendations?

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Recover PDF Files from HDD

by social2 In reply to HDD won’t recover PDF Fil ...


Try this open one of the faulty files in notepad it should have %pdf in the first line


1 0 obj6endobj2 0 obj

If it has %pdf in the first line or else try some file recovery software.

Hope this helps.

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RE: HDD won’t recover PDF Files

Following guide usually solves such trouble...

1. Right click on any PDF document -> Get Info
2. Click on Open with entry on the get info dialog
3. In the Application dropdown locate to your installed copy of Acrobat and select Acrobat application
4. Once you have selected Acrobat click the "Change All buttom below the drop down"
5.Click Continue on the user confimation dialog
6. Quit the Get Info window

Another variant might be paid online recover service for pdf files-

Hope it works for you!!

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Recover it!

by denisrichard96 In reply to HDD won’t recover PDF Fil ...

Here's how you recover folders, pdf files, mp3 files, images and so on from your HDD -

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Pdf Converter

by ElisaJ.Owens In reply to HDD won’t recover PDF Fil ...

PDF Converter, you can now save most of your time on retyping documents by converting PDF files into MS Office .doc or .docx files with same formatting and fonts.

Get More Details:-

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Agree upon PDF conversion

by willwillsome In reply to HDD won’t recover PDF Fil ...

I agree with Elisa, I think you should try to get all the data out of the file by converting it to txt or Word. Yoг can do that with google drive or PDF to Word converters like or

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Recover PDF files

by kyl.federer567 In reply to HDD won’t recover PDF Fil ...

If you are unable to open the pdf file then it is protected by a password. Generally there two types of password in PDF files, they are Owner and User password. If it has user password you can only view the PDF file and if it has owner password, then it has entire control of that pdf file. But there is software which can crack those password. With the help of PDF Password Recovery for Mac you can view the content of pdf files. For more information you can visit this site.

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