HDMI from video graphics card to YPbPr on TV

By mathisdispatch ·
I have a WS-A65 Mitsubishi tv and a Sabertooth Z77 Asus motherboard. They aren't communicating very well with each other. I've used several converter boxes
already, but none will let me do 1080 resolution. I can do 480 though, so what am I missing?

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That TV can do 1080i not 1080P..if you mean the 2002-model WS-A65 DLP TV

by robo_dev In reply to HDMI from video graphics ...

Not sure it can even do 720P, as there are reports that Xbox cannot connect 720P to it.

Though it can do 720I. Can your converter output either I or P?

Remember, if it could do 1080P you would need a CAT2 HDMI cable as P is twice the bandwidth of I.

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