HDMI not working

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My Desktop PC can’t get a picture on my monitor. I have confirmed that it is not a problem with the monitor itself, as it works with other devices. I was able to use the PC with the screen fine just this morning, but now the signal won’t come through. My PC has a GTX 1070ti with the hdmi output that has the screws in it. I have tried plugging a different kind of hdmi into the card, restarted the pc countless times, tried a different monitor, plugged an Xbox into my current monitor (which worked), changing the monitors settings, cutting power to everything and restarting it, and using both hdmi 1 and 2. Please help.
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Well start with the easy things if this is a PC

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HDMI not working

With a seperate Video Card then the most likely thing is that the Video Card has moved in the M'Board and is no longer making proper contact with the M'Board.

This happens quite a lot in the cheaper cases which allow flex so the answer then is to remove the side cover unscrew or unfasten the retaining device that holds the Video Card in Place and remove the video Card and put it back in. First however you should power down the computer and turn off at the wall but keep the power lead connected to earth the case so that you don't ZAP the internals with Static from your fingers.

If the Video is part of the M'Board then the most likely thing is that the Chip Set has failed and you need to replace the M;Board.

If this is a Phone your up for a new phone as while it is possible to replace the Main Board in a Smart Phone it's often cheaper to buy a new phone than pay for the part and having it fitted.

The same applies to Lap Tops as well as they tend to have their Video onboa

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