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Alright so up until now I was plugging my hard drive (with movies etc) into the USB port on my TV. Today the port on the TV seems to have died. I plugged the drive into my PC and it works fine so it's gotta be the port. The only two ports left on the TV are 3 HDMI ports.

So I was wondering if they made some kind of spitter that will plug into the HDMI port but also has a usb port on it so I can plug my drive into that. Thanks for any help. Not sure what else I can do
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to HDMI SPLITTER?

There were a few rare TVs that had (again rare) HDMI+Ethernet HDMI ports but HDMI has no power for the USB drive or USB signals so such a cable is not possible.

The cheapest fix might be some BluRay player that can play from USB ports.

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Media Player

by rajesh_0047 In reply to HDMI SPLITTER?

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