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He took any job but kept looking

By D Southgate ·
A friend of mine took an IT Management position with a company that he felt less-than-excited about. But since he was unemployed, he decided to take anything that came along knowing in his heart that he'd keep looking for a better position.

Now two months into the job, he's miserable with his career choice and is finding that during interviews for better positions he is viewed as damaged goods because he's only been on the new job for a short while.

Has anyone else been through this? What's the best way to spin this to potential employers? Was this a bad career move?

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Any job is good.

by clearsmashdrop In reply to He took any job but kept ...

He is getting other interviews???? Where is this?
The IT market is devastated. Your friend is lucky to have a job period.

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Any job is good

by D Southgate In reply to Any job is good.

A couple of phone interviews and then when recruiters find out he just started the other job, the don't pursue.

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by tamperproof2001 In reply to He took any job but kept ...

It's tough! I was in the same position. 3 different jobs in 1 year until I finally got the position I wanted. In interviews when asked, I tried to stress that IT requires knowledge in many areas and that I learned new ideas and ways of doing tasks from each experience. I have friends who left IT that are finding it hard to get back in the field now that the market is opening up again. So I think it's good your friend took the job and that if he gives it a couple of months more his loyalty to the company won't be an issue when interviewing.

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Have done it myself

by Oz_Media In reply to He took any job but kept ...

I hate working for ANY company for more than a year. It bores me to death, if after a year you don't know all the ins and outs of the company and it's future, you'reliving in a box, a very small one. after I see all the things I would change, I getfrustrated and bored then move on.
I am heppy to tell potential clients this and use it as a selling point. It shows my interest in company operations and an eye for logistical details. So far it hasn't hindered me yet.

Your friend may be loking for a long term career with a single company, if he is the type of person who wants to sit back and age with the company, why would he take an interim position just to pay bills? If you're gonna do that, work at a gas station, at lest it won't have any bearing on your work ethics, it's just work for money to live.
In his case, I say push on, it shows personal motivation if you start with a company and find out it just isn't a suitable position or that the company doesn't provide you with the career they offered in the first place. Why conform?

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I would jump at any job!

by zlitocook In reply to He took any job but kept ...

Here in St. Louis the IT field is going great on second and laying off the next! I have great training and hands on for every thing from Win 3.11 to Win2000, I can fix any problem on any pc/laptop and love to help people with pc problems. I guess I need to move to a third world country to get a job, thats where I get directed too when I call a help desk.

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Thats call Global Economy

by JimHM In reply to I would jump at any job!

You may have to relocate cities - I don't know about countries ..

But figure its cheaper for a company to have a help desk in (for example) India - London - Dallas - which saves paying overtime and shifts if only a central help facility in the US.

Its the same now with developers - start writing a program in India - end of his day - forwards it to someone in London - end of her day - forwards to someone in Az - end of their day - forwards to back to India - they get 3 days development in a 24 hour period of time..

Its the wave of the future - it doesn't help employement in the US - and it sure doesn't help pay rates here .. but the company saves about 25 to 40% of the development costs - could save more if they skip the US and send it to Mexico or South America...

American High Tech workers may be the Next victims of a global economy just like the Steel Mill workers. When it was cheaper to import than to make.

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Where ever you go

by Oldefar In reply to He took any job but kept ...

Where ever you go, that's where you'll be. While there are some impossible situations, most of the time when a person is miserable in a situation it is misery they brought with them.

Recruiters know this, and when a potential candidate indicatesthat he is not happy with his current job and has only been there a few months they are fairly certain any new position will not change his outlook. Since many recruiting fees are based on a successful placement and paid after 6 months or longer inthe position, they won't waste a potential payday on anyone likely to fail.

For the individual who is happy where they are but open to a possible opportunity that they won't find with their current employer, the time on the job has minimal impact.

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recruiters are smarter than they seem

by ghstinshll In reply to Where ever you go
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Correct action - but needed to delay

by JimHM In reply to He took any job but kept ...

He did the right thing in these economic times - It's a pay check - it keeps food on the tables - healthcare for the family and a roof over their heads.

But he should of slowed down or stopped his job search for a few months (6 months). Then if someone asked about why he started looking again he could give a valid reason - "The job description and job function wasn't what they said it would be." - "The job didn't turnout to be what they had explained and it I don't see any career advancements in the near or distant future." ...

But he was correct in this economic time take it - give that employer 100% and if you still need to move on - wait 6 months then start your job search again..

Taking a job then continuing to search - tells other employers you will do the same thing to them ... your just taking this job as a weigh stations.. until something comes along.

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Re: He took any job but kept looking

by geniesk In reply to He took any job but kept ...

Your friend was unemployed, and I presume there was an urgent need to be employed; otherwise, he should have continued looking. He should have prepared himself for at least a 6 month commitment when he took the job.

During interviews, he could use any of the following as explanations:
1. the current job is satisfactory, but it doesn't have the long-term career prospects which he sought
2. the current job was misrepresented to him (if that really was the case)

He should NOT in any way make it appear that he is unwilling to adapt or conform to his current employer's organization. This kind of person is considered undesirable.

Good luck to him.

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