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    Head phone and mouse not working


    by mjmonirulislam9377 ·

    My mouse, keyboard, and headphones will stop working mid game. They game will continue to play, but register that the last key I was pressing continues to be depressed (so if I was moving forward, it will continue moving forward, not accepting any other input). My mouse also stops working every time, and my headphones on occasion will stop playing sound although this is infrequent.

    All 3 devices are USB.

    Keyboard is wireless while the mouse and headphones are wired.

    The mouse is a little older so I understand why that might stop working, but headphones and keyboard are not old. I also do not switch the USB ports for these devices ever, so that isn’t a cause.

    I tried searching online and have yet to come up with an answer that works for me. So far I have tried: Update all drivers Uninstall/reinstall games and steam.

    Also, the mouse will sometimes lag for less than a second when not in game, but it has only “frozen” while in game.

    Since no input is accepted, I am forced to do a hard restart every time.

    Thanks for any help

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