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    Headless WordPress vs Custom built site


    by iruma77 ·

    Hi all. I’ve searched for previous discussions on this and the questions was always Headless WordPress vs WordPress.

    My question is a bit different. For devs who generally dont love wordpress and prefer custom built sites, how do you feel about Headless WordPress with custom built front end versus entirely custom built site?
    Does headless wordpress alleviate your wordpress concerns? Or would you prefer a different CMS or a custom built client console?

    Context: I’m not a developer, but I know WordPress very well. I am overseeing the development of a webapp which is a directory of courts and lawyers. I know WordPress has loads of directory plugins and I’m very familiar with these, but our needs are such that directory plugins dont really work for us. I could envision this being built with CPT and ACF and then custom front end views being built. But the devs i’ve spoken to so far have their doubts about WordPress. My issue is that I think WordPress would really work nicely as a CMS for this. And there’s the added advantage that I can set up the CMS side of things myself and hopefully save on dev costs as they would only need to build the front end.

    I’m obviously having these conversation with devs, but just looking for wider range of views. Most the devs I’ve spoken to dont have experience with headless Worpdress so they dont have clear opinion on this route.

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      I’m in the don’t care group.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      Read for a primer but my view is the practical one. That is, go with what works and is cost effective. Also, what you can maintain for years.

      I’m more of The HP Way school of thought. Write the user manual first, get that approved then build the systems. Never hitch your wagon to any particular system. Just make it work and keep it maintainable.

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      Reply To: Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      by mobsolutions22 ·

      In reply to Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      WordPress to Build a Website
      The WordPress platform currently hosts hundreds of thousands of websites. Many small businesses and internet entrepreneurs use the WordPress platform since creating websites and landing pages are simple.

      Custom-Built Website
      Thousands of professionals and firms offer custom-built websites these days. It is quite common for companies and organizations to use this approach. It depends upon the person and the demand they have.
      Pros and Cons of Custom Site
      Security and Performance: When it comes to WordPress websites, the main issue is that they are all built on the same foundation. In addition, WordPress is an open-source platform so anyone can see the code base at no cost.
      Complete control of the website: A tailor-made website will give you full control over all its features and structure. WordPress sites don’t use plug-ins or modules, but custom-built websites are formed entirely from scratch.
      Exceptional design: Getting a custom-built website gives entrepreneurs much more freedom regarding how it looks and feels. Any aspect of a custom website can be tailored to the client’s specifications, making it truly unique.
      Hard to maintain: A website created from scratch may need special care. The WordPress website framework makes adjusting and maintaining even the most complex websites simple.
      Costly: WordPress websites are significantly more costly than custom-built ones. You almost always require a web design company or a freelance web designer.

      Pros and Cons of Using a WordPress Site
      Modular design: The WordPress platform is built on a modular design, so new plug-ins and features are easy to add. Most users will require basic technical knowledge and a good tutorial to install a plug-in or deploy the website.
      Low cost: Individuals on a restricted spending plan might find the WordPress framework open-source useful. It is completely free.
      Scalable: WordPress websites are financially scalable. It is possible to build a simple website for little money; however, paid themes and plug-ins provide additional functionality.
      Generic code: WordPress was built for a variety of reasons. Its performance and speed, therefore, are not fantastic. A WordPress website may be great for those who get a couple of thousand visitors daily.
      Paid essential plug-ins: Besides free, many premium ones are also available. It increases the total cost of the website, particularly if you also choose a premium theme a

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      Reply To: Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      by DavidHardy712 ·

      In reply to Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      Both headless WordPress and customized website have their own advantages. And it is vital to choose wisely how to build your brand identity according to your preferences.

      Benefits of using headless CMS:
      * The content can be published on any IoT devices
      * It’s easier to implement, use, and update
      * Due to separating the front- and back-end, your site is more secure
      * You receive the opportunity to integrate more technologies
      * It’s a cost-effective and fast way to build your online presence

      Reasons for a custom solution:
      * It makes your platform unique and one-of-a-kind
      * It will meet all your requirements
      * Enhanced performance
      * Clear branding
      * Tailored design
      * Responsive to various devices

      Note: commercial link removed by moderator.

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      Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      by kapooranjali273 ·

      In reply to Headless WordPress vs Custom built site

      Headless WordPress and custom-built sites each have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the decision of which one to use ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals.

      Headless WordPress is a type of WordPress installation where the front-end (i.e., the part of the website that visitors see and interact with) is decoupled from the back-end (i.e., the WordPress admin dashboard and database). This means that instead of using a WordPress theme to generate the front-end, you can use any front-end technology, such as React or Vue.js. Headless WordPress offers a lot of flexibility and allows you to create highly customized, fast, and scalable websites that can easily integrate with other technologies and APIs.

      On the other hand, custom-built sites are built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This gives you complete control over the design and functionality of your site, and allows you to create a site that is tailor-made to your exact needs. However, building a custom site requires more time and expertise, and may not be as easy to maintain or update as a WordPress site.

      Ultimately, if you need a highly customized, fast, and scalable site that can easily integrate with other technologies and APIs, and you have the technical expertise to build and maintain a decoupled front-end, then a headless WordPress installation may be the way to go. If you need complete control over the design and functionality of your site and are willing to invest the time and resources into building a custom site, then a custom-built site may be the better option.

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