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    Health Care Customer Service Software


    by jill ross ·


    Hello All,

    I own a small health clinic in California. And I get around 100 – 200 patients everyday, with increase of this number I am facing difficulties in managing my patients. I am looking for a healthcare customer service software, that can provide me a platform to manage my visitors, I also need cloud services. Does anyone having any suggestions for this requirement? Then please help me OUT!

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      For your Healthcare customer services software issue resolvement

      by jessicasmith26081990 ·

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      You can Contact SISGAIN for healthcare apps in reasonable price. They are providing telemedicine App, telehealth software, healthcare app, e prescription software, on demand doctor app development & CRM software development since 2007 & they are very good at it.

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      Health Care Customer Service Software

      by ajmcdn ·

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      Hi Jill,

      I believe you are looking for a software application that you can run on iPad or Android tablet devices for your receptionist/board person to record all the details of new and existing customers so as to create a database of patients that can then be put on Cloud for any concerned person to access based in their users privileges.

      There are two ways to do it. You can either buy a subscription based service from myriad online platforms that might or might not be suitable to your specific needs or you can get one built for you to ensure precise compatibility of the software with your specific requirements.

      It basically comes down to a make-or-buy decision. Consider few points:

      – Availability: Subscription based solution are readily available while a bespoke solution might take couple of months to build based on the feature-richness of the software.

      – Cost: Subscription based solution will have monthly subscription fee at a fraction of what you might have to pay for bespoke solution. However, bespoke solution will have no recurring cost (except nominal Cloud hosting charges) unlike subscription based solutions. Subscription cost however will soon outstrip bespoke cost.

      – Features: Most of the subscription based solution will provide all the basic and some advanced features that a small clinic would need. Nevertheless, each clinic is different and they would want a solution that can cater to their specific needs.

      – Control: No control when you choose subscription based models as all the data resided with service provider’s servers. it is yours as long as you keep paying a subscription fee. On the other hand, you you build this solution, you will have full control as you would be the owner of the source code for the software.

      It all depends on what you need your solution to do, the scalability you expect from it, and the control you would want over it.

      A J

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        by jill ross ·

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        Thanks AJ I really appreciate your answer.

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          Health care for Medical software

          by bdtaskbeta ·

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          The medical software is a very helpful health care customer service recoding quickly the service provider

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      There are a few things you need to look at first

      by oh smeg ·

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      As you are a Medical Service what are the Laws around protecting your Patient Records?

      This is something that can only be answered by a Legal Person in your Area who Specalises in Medical Pratice. You may find that by using any Cloud Provider you have left yourself open to Massive Legal Chalanges when the Cloud Providers Security breaks down and your Patient records get released to the Web or worse.

      Also are you a member of any Organisations specalising in Medical Pratices? If you are they will have a list of prefered Medical Applications which will keep Patient Records and fill in Prescriptions as well as many other things that are involved in all medical Pratices. They will also have the latest about protecting Patient Records and what is required. Some Places may specificially require all Patient Records are kept onsite or in a Cloud Service with specalised security.

      At the very least before you even consider any software at all you need to understand what is involved and what you are opening yourself up to by adopting it and any other processes that you think you may need.

      Also remember with Cloud Providers you need a working Internet Connection so if you are keeping Patient Records in the Cloud of any kind can you still treat patients when that Internet Connection is down? Do/Will you have sufficent information to know each and every patient so when their records are not quickly available you are still in a position to treat them and not give them any substances that they have an Alergy or Known Bad Reaction to?

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