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There are so many different levels of technology and platforms for us to turn to when it comes to heath care.

I've been doing some research on the innovations of customer-facing technology, which is set to determine how bad the healthcare professional shortage is really going to be in the passing years. If we can find a way to incorporate electronic systems to distribute and even on some level diagnose patients who are working on a less severe nature, then this could potentially help to redistribute the dwindling healthcare professional workforce, which is on a slow increasing decline.

As an addition to healthcare technology that can assist with small day-to-day patient inquiries, systems that help with elderly care, such as the Grandcare system (www.grandcare.co.uk), which can help patients and the elderly to regain a level of independence and have the self assurance to live alone with no social care or "interference".

There are certain technologies that are going to massively take off in the coming years, in terms of looking after patients, assisting with everyday life and recover and distributing medication.

Even the potential for a Skype diagnosis for people who are unable to attend the clinic/ GP could be a step in the right direction.

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