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Healthy Steps

By tracwhitlow-x5 ·
This is an amazing time, opportunity for anyone to achieve financial success but truely where does one start especially if your new to this technology the e-com the how to's and what not to do when trying to start a productive home business, since March of last year I've looked into numerous Marketing Companies but with no success now I currently "New" own my own business with 5pillars Nikken and really impressed with thier products and support I've received phone calls, training live or cd and the materials sent to support and learn their products, to achieve Life True Wellness for Success, but still want to educate myself with all I can Servers, development, networking, security, Steps to my families well being and others I want to share what I learn.

thank you,
traci parrow-whitlow

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What you didn't learn....

by JamesRL In reply to Healthy Steps

....Other than its rude to spam.

You didn't learn to punctuate. And your use of grammer is suspect. I'm not sure of all your spelling.

If you want to become a sucessful spammer, you might want to learn proper construction of sentances and paragraphs. Without that knowledge, you can't make anyone understand what you are trying to say.


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Interpretation, please

by M_a_r_k In reply to Healthy Steps

That's one of the longest sentences I've ever read. Or not read, in this case. I got about halfway through your gibberish and then I gave up and just scanned the rest, hoping to pick out something meaningful. What in the world are you trying to tell us? You rattled on about financial success and then there was something about 5 pillars and you eventually veered off course again to talking about servers. Absolute nonsense. Good luck in whatever the **** you're trying to do.

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Customer Service Class Anyone? Rude...

by tracwhitlow-x5 In reply to Healthy Steps

Hi James and Mark,

When you meet or see someone you know do they extent their hand or do they brush you off and rush away from your conversation? You think because I talk alot, my customer service has never belittled anyone in my 38 years of living my day goes to help and assist anyone that crosses my path, born with a golden spoon? Till this last year March 2005, I have never seen the internet, I was working and didn't have the time to sit and click, we this newbe now thinks you two need to pull your head out of your A**** and the time on this earth should be rewarding not insulting because we all sit on the same toilet! I'm stubborn, ignorant"uneducated-no degree" but I have manners, open doors for stranger even say hi make eye contact and nice to the nieghbors one **** of a smile too, so are you happy or do you enjoy insulting belittling the new and unprofessional wannabe home business go getter BECAUSE Microsoft not once in the last year has ever critized me writting or insulted me about my incorrect type-talk, good day good bye go to HE!!!!!!ll

Love Ya


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You kiss your spouse with that mouth?

by JamesRL In reply to Customer Service Class An ...

I was simply pointing out two things:

1) Can't understand what you are trying to say. Its hard for you to sell us something if we don't understand what you are trying to say.

2) Its rude to SPAM us.

Telling me to go to HE!!!! or pull my head out of my @ss is not at all Christian, charitable, or if you are an aethist, nice. If you have belittled anyone in your life unitl now, I feel that unfortunate that I am your first one.

I made no comments on your charecter,lack of internet knowledge or education. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I have worked hard for what I have.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for striving to be better. If you react this badly when you get some mild criticism, perhaps sales is not the line of business you should be in.


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Punctuation and grammar still need improvement

by M_a_r_k In reply to Customer Service Class An ...

Thanks for your reply, Traci. Having a bad day? I saw a few punctuation marks in this reply so you're making progress. It was still pretty incoherent and quite a rambling post, though. I'm still not sure what you're trying to sell us. What is your motivation for coming to this tech website? If you were here for legitimate purposes AND you had proper grammar, I wouldn't be giving you such a hard time. By the way, my head is not in my A**. It is sitting squarely 'twixt my shoulders. It would be quite funny if I were able to bend over far enough to insert my head into my A**. If I could do that, I'd probably join a circus. But I don't like all that travelling. Being on the road 90% of the time and sleeping in a tent is a hard way of life. So rather than join a cirucs, I'd probably take the easy route to fame and fortune and use that back-bending, head-in-my-a** trick to impress people at parties.

Ralph Willard McGillicuddy IV

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Wrong forum

by wwed In reply to Customer Service Class An ...

to try and promote MLM
but I guess you know that by now

best of luck in your new venture

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