Heat generation during daily activities, 7 and X.

By brewer4 ·
When browsing sites like iMore, Macrumors, IGN, and other places similar I can feel heat below the camera, the temp in the room varies room 70-75 Fahrenheit, and my co-workers temp gun read the phone at a max of 92 degrees in the office. Yesterday evening just trying to use it outside it hit easily over 98 degrees and was 80 degrees out but at this time I was trying to load a page and it wouldnt load so I was forced to use Airplane mode.

Guess I am wondering if anyone else has had this? And can anyone feel underneath the camera while doing moderate browsing for 5 - 10 minutes, (flipping between sites decently quick, and loading some posts and scrolling quickly) also try with and without an adblocker if possible.

I would be enternally grateful if someone else had a temp gun or could test and see if gets warm doing what i described above...

P.S. Happens on two iPhones, personal is iPhone X ATT, Work is iPhone 7 Verizon

P.S.S. I mostly feel it when pressing the phone against my cheek...

I just want to know if its normal or if there is something else going on with the phones here...
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iPhone temperature

by judcon1 In reply to Heat generation during da ...

Brewer4, there is most likely nothing wrong with your phones. If you are doing anything moderately intensive on your devices, they will heat up. Also, remember that what is hot to us can be perfectly fine for a phone. They are not meant to run at 98.6 degrees, they can be up to 160 degrees before any real damage occurs. However, if you see this issue getting worse, if your phone gets really hot when just performing normal activities, then you should probably have it checked out. Hope this helps! -Connor
P.S. “P.S.” means post script so it would be “post post script” not “post script script” :)

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So many reasons

by ahstewie In reply to Heat generation during da ...

This issue has occurred for many since iOS 11.3. It seems to be in my opinion that it occurs mostly when the phone is operating under load.

Apple have, when I asked them, pointed the finger at myself. Meanwhile I have noticed that everything from data speeds to the processor itself in my iPhone X struggle.

Only today it took 3 seconds for one of their sleek animations when closing an app where it shrinks back to the thumbnail for that app and yes my iPhone is scorching hot ( I couldn’t say the temperature but the issues are temperature related.

I’ve found that if the phone starts to stumble and feel hot the only cure seems to be to wrap one of those reusable icebox chiller blocks in a dish towel and rest the phone on it to pull the heat out of the phone.

Some have saiid that mobile hotspot is switched on when it shows as not being but Apple again merely brush it off.

In fact Apple’s customer support is not the great support from the days of Steve Jobs era. I’m considering looking elsewhere because the days of “it just works” is just a shrinking image in the rear view mirror disappearing down the road of Apple Histiry.

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I am an Android user...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Heat generation during da ...

However, I can't help but think if this is happening on two different iPhone versions, from two different carriers - that this is normal.

Do you know anyone else who has the same phone type as yours - that you can check against? Just an idea

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Heat generation during daily activities, 7

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Heat generation during da ...

Had the same issue with my iPhone7+, but it isn't always that way. It's really weird to me, too. But it doesn't happen that much, so i've been fine with it.

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