Heat generation during daily activities, 7 and X.

By brewer4 ·
When browsing sites like iMore, Macrumors, IGN, and other places similar I can feel heat below the camera, the temp in the room varies room 70-75 Fahrenheit, and my co-workers temp gun read the phone at a max of 92 degrees in the office. Yesterday evening just trying to use it outside it hit easily over 98 degrees and was 80 degrees out but at this time I was trying to load a page and it wouldnt load so I was forced to use Airplane mode.

Guess I am wondering if anyone else has had this? And can anyone feel underneath the camera while doing moderate browsing for 5 - 10 minutes, (flipping between sites decently quick, and loading some posts and scrolling quickly) also try with and without an adblocker if possible.

I would be enternally grateful if someone else had a temp gun or could test and see if gets warm doing what i described above...

P.S. Happens on two iPhones, personal is iPhone X ATT, Work is iPhone 7 Verizon

P.S.S. I mostly feel it when pressing the phone against my cheek...

I just want to know if its normal or if there is something else going on with the phones here...

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I am an Android user...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Heat generation during da ...

However, I can't help but think if this is happening on two different iPhone versions, from two different carriers - that this is normal.

Do you know anyone else who has the same phone type as yours - that you can check against? Just an idea

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heat generation and comfort level

by dkkung In reply to Heat generation during da ...

having been in the cell phone engineering and testing industry for awhile, I can comment on the main contributors of heat generation and the what should be a cause for concern. The heat is mainly generated from the highest current consumed components of the phone (or tablet) which are mainly the modem/RF, CPU, and power management processors. Camera, graphically intense apps usage (i.e. gaming, high res video and streaming, etc.), anti-virus scans, and other apps contribute to CPU loading and heat. In addition the amount of wireless data being transmitted/received either through wi-fi or cellular will increase the RF and modem areas of the phone. On top of that a weaker signal environment will further exacerbate the heat.

When should the consumer be concerned? Cell manufacturers sets limits on the highest temperature any part of the surface can possibly attain. Various methods can be used to minimize the warmest areas of the surface. The idea is not to exceed a set temperature that could impact comfort and thus user experience. The limits between manufacturer can vary but the idea is that at any time if the heat reaches a level that is too hot to use or is extremely uncomfortable to use, then it may be worthwhile to keep a record of how the device is used, where, and when it happened. Then report it in to customer care center immediately.

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Heat generation during daily activities, 7

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Heat generation during da ...

Had the same issue with my iPhone7+, but it isn't always that way. It's really weird to me, too. But it doesn't happen that much, so i've been fine with it.

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