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Heath Care & IT - Flo, Ergotron or Laptop Carts?

By ross.denney ·
It seems that Techs in Health Care are a breed of their own. I was hoping to make a collection of people that were in Health Care and see what their setup is. I work at a Meditech Hospital with Flocarts. We are to dead set in our ways to change anything. However I am curious to see how things could be better. Please Post your Health Care system and what your nurses use to chart.

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If you don't get any immediate responses,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Heath Care & IT - Flo, Er ...

you might want to bump this up next week. I suspect many IT professionals are on vacation today. Even those in the health care field are probably on call. Post a response to this thread next week and you may generate more activity.

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Before I left...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Heath Care & IT - Flo, Er ... previous employer (a large healthcare system) had started rolling out two separate systems:

A thin client terminal on rolling carts (there were a few of these per ward for general diagnostic/record keeping use)

Tablets for specialists (imaging was a big need; I left before this was fully rolled out, though, so I can't speak to other purposes).

At the nursing stations, they were all using thin clients, as well. The organization had made the switch when a Joint Commission site survey turned up quite a bit of unsupported medical apps running on PCs that weren't password protected and contained EPI (whoopsy!).

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