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    Heating issue on a new Acer laptop

    by prioryplop0q ·

    I bought an Acer A515-45-R209 yesterday and while using it today, I noticed the fan kept turning on and made a lot of noise when i tried to use while it’s plugged in, the fan is pretty quiet when it’s not plugged into. For now, I’ve limited the power to the cpu to 80%, not sure if that affects performance but noise is not that bad compared to what is was earlier. Was wondering if this was normal or if I should maybe replace/return it.

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      That’s how fans are supposed to work.

      by rproffitt ·

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      As the CPU and more works, heat is created so the ran ramps up. But that’s not important right now. If you don’t like the laptop, return it immediately so you can try other laptops.

      If the question is “Do laptop fans react differently on battery power?” then the answer is yes. Different power profile and again, nothing broken.

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      Reply To: Heating issue on a new Acer laptop

      by thrum-closure.02 ·

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      As an Acer laptop user myself, you are not the only one. I believe that Acer goes with a not that effective thermal solution. Personally mine has Intel which is even worse, but it seems like that a little cooling pad fan thing that gets power from a USB port and is basically like a stand kinda helped.

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