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Heatsink Fan running erratic

By sallad61 ·
Tags: Hardware
The fan is running erratic, have only done a full clean & PC was full of dust.

I did not replace or pull fan Heatsink from motherboard as (No PASTE) fan will spin freely but the fan on the sink makes a whirring noise now!

Any help please, Gigabytem/board over 8 yr old, AMD Phenom 555 CPU

UPDATE: Problem Fixed - new fan & heatsink & 5 hours cleaning the power supply unit, never seen so much dust. Thank You all.

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Troubleshooting fan

by eddyduffy In reply to Heatsink Fan running erra ...

Sometimes, part of the sticker on the fan is a bit unglued and when it spins, it makes noise. Just pull it off entirely with care.
Another reason could be the ball bearings inside the fan itself. Only way to fix that would be to replace it, which is quite cheap and you can renew the thermal paste while you are at it. If you cleaned the fan and wiped the blades with a lot of pressure maybe it became unbalanced, which would also require a replacement. It is a very easy procedure that should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Also, make sure that when you closed the cpu, no cables are rubbing the blades.

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How was it cleaned?

by rkendsley In reply to Troubleshooting fan

Agree with just replacing the fan etc. Food for thought: You mentioned you cleaned it, and it looks very clean, so how was that done? If you used compressed air or air from a compressor to clean everything you might have damaged the bearings by spinning the fan beyond their limits, damaging them. You can use the air, just make sure you don't spin the fan blades with it. Hold the fan stationary or put block it temporarily with a pencil or something so it will not over spin.

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Replace the Fan

by jqbecker In reply to Heatsink Fan running erra ...


During your cleaning of the interior, these might have happened:
1. some dust may have become stuck in the fan mechanism.
2. the fan bearings may have failed, you;ll need to replace the fan
3. check that cables have not dropped down and are rubbing on the fan blades
--use cable ties to bundle up excess cable, don't let extra cables flop around

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unbalanced fan?

by Jim Johnson In reply to Heatsink Fan running erra ...

In addition to the loose sticker or worn fan bearings.... take a cotton swab and gently clean the back side of the fan blades. It is possible some compacted dust remained stuck to one or more blades. Prior to cleaning the dust was probably balanced in weight across the fan. If a clump remained, it could unbalance the fan placing an unusual strain on the fan bearings.

These fans are permanently lubed. However the lubrication can dry out. Something I have done as a temporary fix until I could obtain a replacement fan is to remove the sticker over the fan's hub and apply a very spare drop of turbine lubricating oil. Gently spin the fan by hand and give the oil a few minutes to seep into the bearing. This type of oil is meant for high speed motors, is a very light weight oil and heat resistant. Error on the side of too little oil rather than too much. You don't want oil ejected over other components.

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Lesson Learned Then, its called "PC Maintenance"

by brainpup In reply to Heatsink Fan running erra ...

I'm glad you were able to Fix your problem. Let this be a lesson to everybody out there in "Computer Land" any and all computers require periodic "maintenance" whether its sticky keys on a keyboard, a mouse ball that won't roll anymore or CPU, GPU or PSU fans that collect dust bunnies...they all need to be cleaned from time to time.
Hopefully you would not let your car (that you use everyday, just like your computer) to go without maintenance for " 8 years " god man, what are you doing with a system that old for anyway ??(and yeah i remember the Phenom 550 & 555 Black edition's that you could OC the heck out of...I had a 965 Phenom Black Edition that I OC'd to 4.1Ghz-stable, on a water cooled system I built.
And trust me I've been working on computers since my 1st build in 1998, and after 20 years I have seen some dust bunnies that looked like tumble weeds...actually had an old eMachine of a customers that was so loaded up with cat hair and dust, it caught fire.
NOTE: I personally just started hearing some funny noise out of my own I pulled it apart, no easy chore for some HP models and yepper my CPU fan bearings were going bad, so I replaced it with a new one and now its all quiet again.
It's called "PC Maintenance" heard it here

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computer maintenace

by robertjose In reply to Lesson Learned Then, its ...

computer maintenance consists of tasks that you should perform on your computer daily, weekly or monthly in order to keep the computer running efficiently, fast and for a long time. Most maintenance tasks take only a few minutes and should be part of the routine of computer usage.

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May help

by Alice Samanta In reply to Heatsink Fan running erra ...

I think you should replace the fan

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