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heavy security in 2k

By xmutant5 ·
i need to implement a VERY heavy security in 2k clients yes i have active directiey(i no its mispelled [kids stay in school]) i only need to have the clients get in to 2 or 3 progs i need a step by step instruction i got a template worked out but when i tried it it onlyb worked on the server (tear)


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by reference In reply to heavy security in 2k

OK, here's how I have implemented security templates throughout an organization
1. create a new OU and name it something like Secure Workstation
2. move all computer accounts into this OU that you want to have high security applied to (or just a couple first for testing)
3. Right-click the new OU and click on properties, then click on Group Policy tab.
4. Click on new, and then name the new Group Policy, something like High Secure Workstation Policy. Then click on edit.
5. Under Computer Configuration, expand the Windows Settings.
6. Right-click Security Seetings and click on Import Policy
7. Choose the template you want to import (highsecws.inf)and click open.

This will import the template, and make the security changes for the group policy. Move any computer accounts into this OU that you want to be secure (if not already done), and that should do the trick. Remeber, it's important to create a new OU for this, just so your not affecting the default group policy, in case you get undesired results. Reboot your workstations, or wait/enforce group policy.

And a couple usefull sites regarding 2000 security templates...,_part_1.asp

Hope this helps...

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You can also customize your template further at this point, and/or implement IPSec for encryption on data as it travels across your network, or implement EFS for encryption on data as it's stored on your servers. Lots of fun stuff you can do!

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