By Tammy_topham ·
Hi I am in College for VisualBasics.Net 2003 and I am haveing problems!!! I am instucted to creat a BlackJack Solution and I can't figure out how to word my Method Code correctly to allow the player to enter their name and place it in a Label after the player presses ok. Can anyone Help me please!!

Thank You

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by Dr Dij In reply to Hello

you normally do a text box to input text. then get the text with the .text method of the box.

e.g. = textbox.text
or assign it to a variable.

I don't think you can input from a message box, they are just to show messages.

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InputBox is what you want

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hello

.NET inputbox they were a fair few solutions you can adapt.

MessageBox is is for yes no ok cancel etc.

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