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    by hieple12 ·

    hi can you gave me instruction how to update my bios using dos ultilities .thanks

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      by thechas ·

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      First, ALWAYS check the motherboard or system manufactures web site for ANY BIOS updates and instructions.

      Do NOT flash the BIOS unless you are positive that the BIOS file you have is for your specific motherboard.

      Second, unless you are having a problem that is specifically addressed by the BIOS update there is likely no benefit to performing a BIOS update.

      Now, here is what you do:

      Download the correct BIOS flash program and BIOS file from the motherboard manufactures web site.
      Print out and read the flash instructions that are posted at the web site, or part of the flash download.

      Create a DOS boot floppy. I prefer to use a true DOS system or Windows 98 for this.
      (Caution: Windows XP places a number of extra files on a DOS boot disk. you may need to remove some of these files in order to have room for the flash program and BIOS file.)

      If the flash and BIOS files are in a ZIP format, extract the files and copy them to the boot floppy.
      (Some flash downloads are self extracting archives, you need to run the program which will extract the archive files and copy them to your floppy disk.)

      Exit Windows.

      Boot up the PC with the floppy in the drive.
      (You may need to enter BIOS setup and change the boot sequence to make the floppy drive the first boot device.)

      After booting up, you will see a DOS prompt.
      Type in the name of the flash program.
      (pflash, flash, aflash are common program names)
      Press return to run the program.

      I recommend that you take advantage of the option to create a backup copy of your existing BIOS.

      Then follow the options to flash your BIOS.

      You will need to type in the name of the new BIOS file.

      After the flash is complete, exit the flash program.

      Shut down the PC, and remove the floppy.

      Reset your CMOS memory.

      Boot up.

      Enter BIOS setup and set your system settings and preferences.


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      by willcomp ·

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      Really good writeup from Chas.

      Here’s a helpful hint for creating boot floppy. I use one created specifically for flashing BIOSes. It is the BIOS Update Boot Disk available from link below. Download and run file. It will create disk for you.


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      by hieple12 ·

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